Zebra Service Plan Takes Broken Devices to Fixed


A number of scanner users may think there is nothing they can do if their technology ends up looking like this.

Zebra Service Plan two

With the Zebra Service Plan from Nova Communications, there are options when technology from Zebra is destroyed.








Whether they intend to be or not, industries are tough on equipment. Employees are careful with the gear they carry with them, or in their vehicles, but inevitably, those tools will be dropped, bumped and (in some cases) run over by vehicles.

In fact, we’ve seen this happen to a couple of our customers recently, and the outcome wasn’t stress for the customer, or a large bill for repairs or replacing the equipment. The customers, who both used Zebra Technologies handheld scanners, both had mishaps with their equipment, and they were ultimately destroyed. Those customers, in the service and warehousing industries, however, had purchased the Zebra service plan from Nova Communications at the time of purchase.

The result? Nova Communications team members do the work for you and contact Zebra to get the equipment sent off and assessed. It is then determined if it can be refurbished and, if not, that item is replaced – free of charge.

If you’ve used Zebra Technologies products, you know they’re built to be durable. The latest in technology is ready for you to use it – and their built to withstand the elements, if exposed, with some scanners rated as much as IP67 (or completely dust proof and waterproof up to 30 minutes). They’re also made with the knowledge that they will be dropped and go through stress. But mistakes happen, so it’s important for companies to be prepared when their technology is damaged – especially given the productivity and efficiency that dwindles when equipment is done for repairs. Companies like yours don’t want to lose business to downtime, and the service plan ensures that – if damage happens – they are dealt with quickly.

The cost of these plans varies as per the device chosen, and whether companies choose the three or five-year service plan. Under both, there is a support plan, warranty and comprehensive, which covers everything – drops, breaks, running over and destroying – under the forgiveness stipulation.

Service plans are available for the purchase of all Zebra devices, and can be extended from three to five years before the three year expires.

This is just one example of how this service plan has benefited our customers. In fact, we’ve seen this or similar situations time and time again, and have heard from customers like you who have received refurbished or replaced technology at no charge – a much cheaper option than having to replace the equipment out of pocket.

Zebra Technologies is known for having one of the best warranties available for its equipment – from handheld scanners, mobile computers, tablets and more. If you’re considering a need for this technology, it’s important to consider Nova Communications.

With more than 30 years in the business, Nova Communications has the knowledge and expertise to make your technology experience better. As our motto says, ‘We Put Wireless to Work’ and we can’t wait to work with you. Contact us today.

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