Your Guide to Intrinsically Safe Two Way Radio Accessories

For Canadian industries that are exposed to combustible materials, such as vapours and dust, or flammable chemicals and gasses, all devices onsite must be designed so as to not become an inadvertent ignition factor. By nature, all electronic devices give off electrical sparking and excessive heat emissions. In certain situations, the sparks and heat can become combustible when exposed to flammable materials. This is why workplaces such as oil refineries, chemical processing plants, and manufacturing facilities choose certified Intrinsically Safe (IS) two way radios as their primary tool for safe and reliable communications.

Intrinsically Safe radios prevent combustion in hazardous environments by keeping the electrical and thermal energy of the device low enough to not spark combustible materials in the surrounding area. The internal structure employs strategic spacing between components to prevent short-circuiting. The external structure of the radio is designed to maintain low temperatures at all times with a fully encapsulated battery compartment and anti-static coverings to prevent static electricity build-up within and around the device.

A common mistake that companies make when using IS two way radios is not placing the same safety standards on their radio accessories. All aspects of the radio device and the system in which it is deployed should be certified Intrinsically Safe to avoid inadvertent exposure to ignition threats. Pairing a certified IS radio with non-IS accessories is like putting a patch on a HazMat suit – it may work for a bit but you’re leaving yourself exposed to potential dangers because you don’t have the right protection.

To save you time in looking up the accessories you need for your IS radios, here is a list of Motorola’s leading Canadian Standard Association Certified Intrinsically Safe two way radio accessories:

IMPRES Remote Speaker Microphones
IMPRES technology provides superior audio by suppressing ambient noise, improving voice intelligibility, and amplifying quiet transmissions automatically without manual interference. Windporting and Noise Canceling technologies extend audio quality even further, delivering optimal performance in extreme weather conditions and cutting through the sound of loud machinery.

PMMN4067 – IMPRES Windporting remote speaker microphone with volume switch and emergency button, IP64

PMMN4050 – IMPRES Noise Canceling remote speaker microphone with 3.5mm audio jack, IP54

Receive-Only Earpieces for IMPRES Remote Speaker Microphones
These receive-only earpieces are comfortable for all-day wear and feature a 3.5mm connector designed for use with the IMPRES remote speaker microphone with an audio jack.

RLN4941 – Receive-only earpiece with clear acoustic tube and rubber eartip

RLN4885 – Receive-only earbud

PMLN4620 – D-shell receive-only earpiece

Heavy-Duty Headsets
Motorola Heavy-Duty Headsets have been optimized and certified to protect your hearing and improve communication in loud environments. The variety of styles allow you to customize your solution in virtually every situation.

RMN4054 – Receive-only dual-muff heavy-duty headset, designed for use with IMPRES remote speaker microphones.

PMLN5275 – Dual-muff behind-the-head heavy-duty headset with 24dB noise reduction rating.

Peltor Heavy-Duty Headset and Push-to-Talk Adapter
3M Peltor Heavy-Duty Headsets are designed for use with helmets and feature a noise-canceling boom microphone and further optimized with a Peltor push-to-talk adapter.

NNTN8379 – Peltor Heavy-Duty Headset with helmet attachment and noise-canceling boom microphone, 24dB noise reduction rating.

NNTN8380 – Peltor Heavy-Duty Headset with helmet attachment and noise-canceling boom microphone, 26dB noise reduction rating.

NNTN8378 – Peltor large push-to-talk adapter.

IMPRES Batteries and Chargers
Motorola’s innovative IMPRES battery charging and reconditioning system streamlines and automates battery maintenance. IMPRES radio batteries and chargers communicate to help extend battery life so you can be assured your radio battery is ready when you are. Only IMPRES batteries can be charged 150 additional times as compared to a standard battery.

NNTN8386 – IMPRES 1800 mAh Li-Ion battery.

PMPN4174 – IMPRES single-unit charger.

WPLN4219 – IMPRES multi-unit charger with six displays.

WPLN4212 – IMPRES multi-unit charger with one display.

NNTN7616 – IMPRES single-unit rapid rate vehicular charger.

NNTN8525 – Rapid rate travel charger.

Leather Carry Accessories
Durable hard and soft leather carry cases are designed to withstand harsh conditions in hazardous environments. Swivel belt loops keep the case secure while allowing the radio to move freely.

PMLN6097 – Hard leather carry case with swivel belt loop

PLMN6099 – Soft leather carry case with swivel belt loop

Antennas and More
Complete your IS radios with improved coverage, better dust protection, and more.

NAF5088 – Coaxial whip 896-941 MHz

NAF5087 – Coaxial whip 806-870 MHz

15012157001 – Accessory dust cover designed to protect your radio connector

PMLN6047 – Adapter with Molex accessory jack to enable third party accessories

PMKN4013 – Programming and test cable

For a full view of Motorola’s Intrinsically Safe two way radios and accessories, click here to download our free MOTOTRBO Guide, “Make Your Organization More Efficient and Better Connected”.

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