XPR3300 vs. CP200D – What Is the Best Two Way Radio For You?

There is no denying the value of two way radios in industries where communication is a priority among team members. Access to durable, reliable communication tools helps ensure efficiency and safety in the workplace.

When it comes to industries such as education, hospitality, retail, manufacturing and security organizations, there are a number of solid two way radios that will do the job – including communication with employees, professionalism on the job, and safety for crew, customers or students.

Today, we’re going to take a look at two common radios used in those industries, compare them, and help you make a sound decision of which one may be better for your team in a head-to-head match of two way radios!

Some things we will review include battery life, audio clarity, size and weight, durability, IP and temperature rating and overall value of the product.

Let’s start with the XPR3300!

Part of the MotoTRBO version of radios by Motorola, this limited display model digital two way radio is a great communication tool for your workplace. If safety, productivity and cost-effective are three words you use to describe your need for two way radios, then this is a great option.

Battery Life – Depending on the battery type you use in your XPR3300, you will have various battery abilities with this two way radio. With the XPR radios, however, these devices will operate up to 40 per cent longer between recharges than analog. Battery life expectations below:

  • Core Slim Li-on (Comes Standard with the Radio) – Analog (8 hours) and Digital (11.5 hours)
  • IMPRES Slim Li-on – Analog (8 hours) and Digital (11.5 hours)
  • IMPRES Hi-Cap Li-on – Analog (11.5 hours) and Digital (16.5 hours)

One thing to note is the long term value in upgrading your battery choice to an IMPRES model, due to its reputation as the best batteries in the industry. With a little extra money with your purchase, you save money by not having to replace your batteries as frequently. And with no concerns for overheating or overcharging, it’s a win-win deal.

It’s not only IMPRES batteries that make this two way radio great, but the IMPRES accessories you can purchase with the XPR3300 are also top of the line options. This radio also has an E-series version, giving access to WiFi, if need be, along with two-tone paging options.

Audio – The XPR series of radios is known for its best in class audio solutions for communications. Clarity with the XPR3300 is high end, and added features such as the background noise suppression solution, which dims the noise of loud classrooms or equipment, enables you to hear what you need to hear, without the need for repeated messages.

Size and Weight – A small, but mighty radio all around, averaging less than a pound – depending on battery. This makes it easier for you, the user, to know you can comfortably wear the radio, however you chose to, throughout the day.

Durability – The XPR3300 comes with a two year standard warranty for a reason – it’s durable, and backed by Motorola. With an IP55 rating (a two-digit number system that determines how well the electronics keep out environmental factors that can damage its inside), you know you’re purchasing a durable radio.

Temperature Rating – Operating temperature between -30C and +60C – Perfect for Canadian seasons

Now on to its competitor, the CP200D.

Another affordable option for your workforce, the CP200D is a great communication tool. As part of the Motorola MotoTRBO line of two way radios, this product gives you the flexibility you need in your workplace, and also includes the ability for two-tone paging.

Battery Life – Just like above, the CP200D battery life depends on the battery you choose when you make your purchase. No matter your battery choice, your radio will be ready for when you need it. As part of the MotoTRBO package of two way radios, this technology allows up to 40% longer battery life.

  • NiMH Battery – Analog (9 hours) Digital (11.5 hours)
  • Li-on Slim – Analog (10.5 hours) Digital (13.5 hours)
  • High Cap Li-on – Analog (14.5 hours) Digital (18.5 hours)

*One thing to note with the CP200D is that it’s not IMPRES battery capable.

Audio – The CP200D comes with an assurance for clear, crisp audio throughout your workplace. With powerful audio, noisy environments are less of a concern, coming through at any volume.

Size and Weight – At less than a pound, the lightweight and ergonomic design of the CP200D makes it comfortable to carry, operate and wear throughout the day.

Durability – The CP200D is known for being durable and comes with a standard two year warranty upon purchase. The IP54 rating is nothing to shake a stick at, for dust and water exposure.

Temperature Rating – Operating temperature between -30C and +60C

Whatever radio you choose – the XPR3300 or the CP200D (or another Motorola two way radio), you know you’re getting a product that is backed by rigorous testing in Motorola’s research and development department. With drop tests, shock tests and vibration testing, the value for your money with the product you are buying provides assurance your two way radio will withstand the day-to-day wear and tear you would expect.

Another added bonus of both radios is their ability to switch between digital and analog modes, making the potential transition to digital radios easier on you and your team. With the CP200D, you have to pay for that upgrade and with the XPR3300, digital and analog modes come standard.

Don’t think either of these radios will work for you? Give us a call and we’ll talk you through your needs and determine the best two way radio for your business.

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