Working With Zebra to See It More Clearly, Measure It More Accurately and Run It More Efficiently

Two members of the Nova team attended the Zebra Partner Summit in Las Vegas this week. With a theme of One Zebra – Infinite Possibilities, Zebra set out how it was going to lead the industry in Enterprise Asset Intelligence (EAI).

The “new” Zebra is the product of multiple predecessor companies in addition to the original Zebra printing company: notably Symbol, Motorola Solutions’ Enterprise division and Psion. Zebra has been hard at work bringing the resources and people together behind a fresh strategy, marketing, product portfolio and programs. (Oh and an updated logo too!)

Zebra has identified three fundamental trends driving customers and the company: the Internet of Things, Cloud and Mobility. They have committed to working with partners including Nova Communications to help customers survive and thrive ahead of these trends with Enterprise Asset Intelligence.

Enterprise Asset Intelligence is about delivering visibility solutions to help companies both improve productivity and deliver better experiences for their customers through Sense-Analyze-Act:

  • Sense: Enabling real-time operational information about people (workers and consumers) and things (products and assets)
  • Analyze: Performing edge analytics using the operational data about people and things to deliver actionable insights
  • Act: Leveraging the insights of people and things to drive decisions on a real-time basis
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Zebra is continuing to evolve their current product portfolio to deliver integrated and optimized outcomes across: mobile computing, location and motion sensing, wireless LAN (WLAN), RFID, barcode scanning and printing. Offerings are tailored to meet the needs of key industry verticals of healthcare, transportation and logistics, retail, hospitality and manufacturing.

We’ve implemented Zebra technology for customers in St. John’s, Halifax, Sydney, Moncton, Saint John and elsewhere across Canada. We look forward to bringing this thinking and Zebra portfolio to others. Contact us to discuss how Nova and Zebra can put Enterprise Asset Intelligence to work for your organization.

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