Wireless Trends — User Expectation of Wireless Anytime, Anywhere

Users Expect to Communicate Any Time, Anywhere

A trend that will increasingly shape the way organizations use and implement wireless systems is users’ growing expectation to have access to wireless communication anytime, anywhere. People expect to be able to communicate and retrieve information quickly and easily, regardless of time or location—both in their professional and personal lives.

Communication and Mobility in the Workplace 

An Alcatel-Lucent study demonstrated that 93% of workers believe that communications and collaboration is important to performing their work; however, nearly 50% of participants reported frustration in their ability (or lack-thereof) to communicate effectively.

In the workplace, seamless mobility allows users can accomplish their tasks regardless of the technology they’re using or their physical location. Users also expect to be able to use applications on-the-go, and a result, the ability to roam seamlessly within work environments is no longer a luxury. In fact, seamless mobility is becoming increasingly fundamental to today’s collaborative spaces. This is especially true for sharing latency-sensitive data like voice and video, when the data’s usefulness depends on the user’s ability to transmit and receive data in a timely manner.

Network and Information Solutions

To deliver on the expectation of anytime, anywhere wireless, will see organizations deploy more networks seamlessly, integrating wide-area and local-area wireless networks. Progressive organizations will also provide more information and options, enabling users in the field to access and collect information in real-time.

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