Wireless Trends – Rise of Apps for Business & Two Way Radio Apps

A major wireless communication trend is an increase in the number and variety of applications (or “apps”) available for businesses, all becoming available on a wide number of devices that connect to one another and larger systems – from smartphones and tablets, to two way radio apps and beyond.

Application Expectations

An app is a piece of software that can run on the Internet, a computer, a phone or other electronic device. Applications for business are becoming increasingly important and numerous as we all continue to increase the amount of work we do while “on the move”.

This trend includes mobile applications and interfaces for business-to-business, business-to-employee and business-to-consumer processes and interactions.

It will be increasingly common for users to require apps for two way radios, smartphones and tablets that are able to communicate with other devices, helping those on the job accomplish what they need to do.

The Role of Apps

There are business apps that help you work faster and smarter, and apps for business networking, helping you stay connected to colleagues and coworkers. There are also business travel apps and those that keep your calendar and to-do list organized. Apps are available to track expenses and bill customers, and others that help with paperwork. There are even apps to keep people out of your business – in the form of security.

In our 24 hour work world, productivity is the name of the game. There is an ongoing need to monitor things like equipment usage, energy consumption, stock supply, as well as the control of devices from anywhere. The latest apps for industry include:

  • Dispatch two way radio apps that manage and support field workers with work orders, GPS tracking, text messaging and emergency alarms
  • Industrial applications that facilitate remote control functions or information exchange with tracking systems
  • Applications that monitor infrastructural and environmental factors like traffic, weather and pollution
  • Building applications that provide security surveillance or track energy consumption

Businesses will find more ways to use the mix of applications, data and human resources to improve operations and better address the needs of employees and customers.

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