Wireless Trends for 2014 #4 – Advancements in Wireless System Security

The proliferation of mobile devices means we can share information whenever we need to; the downside, however, is that there is a possibility we may be sharing this information with more people than we intend. As a result, trends for 2014 include even more emphasis on secure wireless systems.

Importance of Privacy for Wireless System Security

At any given moment, millions of devices are connected via wireless networks, giving rise to legitimate concerns about the security of the data being shared. Although we are all interested in keeping our personal conversations private, when it comes to businesses and government organizations, there is no shortage of highly sensitive information at stake.

Influence of BYOD

The trend toward BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) in the workplace further compounds security issues. BYOD has its upsides in that the devices can enhance employee productivity in the face of constrained budgets. Some employers discourage employees from using their own devices at the workplace, but it can be difficult to enforce. In order to address BYOD-related security issues, 2014 will see further advancements to wireless security measures across industries to ensure that organizations’ confidential information remains private and is not compromised. Expect to see more organizations begin managing BYOD devices on corporate networks in 2014, implementing advanced encryption to ensure that transmissions aren’t intercepted.

Wireless System Security Solutions

Organizations cannot ignore the threat of wireless security breaches. In 2014, it will become increasingly common for workplaces to use measures to detect rogue devices and access points. Wireless security in the workplace and on the job is, by its very nature, quickly and constantly evolving in order to keep up with threats. Comprehensive, end-to-end security is increasingly ensuring that data is not being stored in, or even passing through, external data centres, and that it remains encrypted at all points.

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