Wireless Trends for 2014 #2 — Increasing Volume of Data, Especially Video

One of the top wireless communication trends set to grow exponentially in 2014 is the volume of wireless data, especially for video.

Shift from Voice to Video 

Traditionally, voice was the driver of wireless networks. While there’s no question that voice is still a staple, there is an increasing shift toward video, and the prevalence of video will accelerate this trend in 2014 and beyond.

Demand for Data Quality

In addition to an increased demand for data quantity, users are demanding better data quality. In 2014, users will demand more HD quality video that’s optimized across platforms and devices. This entails optimized viewing experiences specific to the user’s device and changing network conditions.

Role of Mobile

With these new variables to account for, the secure, reliable delivery of multimedia in real time will be increasingly important. The importance of ensuring that mobile devices can accommodate these demands will also be critical to delivering the all-around best user experience. In fact, Cisco reported that mobile video now represents over 50% of all mobile traffic, a number set to grow exponentially for years to come.

Managing Bandwidth Requirements 

The intersection of these demands and trends mean that wireless networks are likely to face challenges with congestion and quality of service. As a result, major advancements surrounding enhanced data compression standards will remain top-of-mind in 2014. In 2014, there will also be the widespread adoption of transformative advancements that reduce and manage bandwidth requirements to support personalized experiences for data and video.

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