Wireless Trends – Device Consolidation Plus Two Way Radio & Smartphone Convergence

Many of us are looking to streamline our lives – at home and at work. The demand for increased convergence and device consolidation – such as two way radio and smart phone consolidation – is shaping what wireless communications will look like this year and for years to come.

Juggling Responsibilities

Most of us have a mobile device on us at all times – in fact, many will admit to feeling lost without one. However, as new technologies emerge and we find ways to use them to improve our work, we may end up with more gadgets than we can manage (or carry!).

It is easy to imagine how an employee may be expected to use a tablet, laptop, cell phone and radio at different times, all in one day.

In a recent survey commissioned by eVoice, 36% of business owners use three or more mobile devices to run their business. Meanwhile, the use of desk phones and computers is decreasing. We want to take our work tools with us wherever we are.

Combating Mobile Overload

Short of filling up our pockets, what are we to do with all these devices? Their intent is to make work easier, not more cumbersome. If, as according to Juniper Networks, the average person owns about five devices between work and home, what are we to do?

We are seeing an increase in device convergence, a result of customers’ desire to use a single device – the right device – to do everything they need, rather than have a different device for every requirement. This means we need to start choosing devices and accessories that can work together, such as having headsets that work with multiple primary devices or combined two way radio and smartphone capabilities.

Converge and Consolidate

As we see even more traditional equipment replaced by wireless products and hardware – such as smartphones, two way radios and rugged tablets – we will also see more features such as cameras, barcode scanners, RFID, GPS, texting and card swipes added to the ones we already have.

Convergence – the integration of two or more different technologies in a single device – is not new. We now take for granted that our phones can also take pictures, but at one time that was unimagined.

Convergence will mean even more technological capabilities will be combined, allowing for cost savings as well as cutting down on the need for multiple devices.

Enhance R.O.I. By Doing More with Less

We will be even more productive when we use fewer devices. Organizations will save with fewer up-front purchasing costs, reduced maintenance and replacement costs. Not only will it cut down on expense and clutter, but it will also save time as there is no need to switch back and forth between devices – thus boosting productivity and contributing to a better bottom line. These factors combined result in a more favorable return on investment when it comes to supplies and infrastructure.

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