Wireless SCADA

Wireless SCADA has become better known as wirelessly-enabled machine-to-machine (M2M) communications. M2M advocates envision a world where every machine, device or piece of equipment is connected wirelessly to a network.

ROCK Networks deploys wireless for SCADA and M2M in a diverse range of applications, including:

  • Wellhead and pipeline monitoring for oil & gas
  • Municipal water and wastewater
  • Utility power distribution and generation
  • Green energy including smart metering and wind farms
  • Transportation such as traffic control
  • Fire station automation and alerting

The vast majority of new M2M deployments are IP-based, although a few applications continue using lower-bandwidth analog connections. We have a number of industry-leading partners who each bring unique M2M offerings, including Hytera, Bell Mobility, and Cisco.

Customers choose wireless SCADA/M2M technologies for the benefit of:

  • Productivity improvements by reducing things like truck rolls
  • Real-time monitoring and control of business-critical systems
  • Avoiding malfunction of critical infrastructure and equipment
  • Maximizing system availability
  • Security and public safety

ROCK Networks can accelerate your wireless SCADA or M2M deployment with wireless backhaul analysis, sensor and RTU selection, system and network design, supplying equipment, system configuration and staging, as well as field commissioning, and ongoing support.