Wireless SCADA Enhances Water Tower Efficiencies

Townships throughout Atlantic Canada are increasingly leveraging wireless SCADA communications to enhance water tower efficiencies.

With higher transfer rates available, townships are now better able to collect and transfer data and develop alerts on potential issues – without leaving a central hub.

Information available for transfer includes:

  • Volume – With the use of these tools, sensors can show the volume going through the tower at any given amount of time. That real-time data is communicated to a hub station (the highest tower, usually) and used by the towns to determine next steps – whether it’s limiting water use, boil orders, and the like.
  • Temperature – An important figure to have for many reasons, including the concentration of dissolved oxygen and other gas concentrations, salinity, pH levels and density in the water before it’s used by residents.
  • O2 Testing – Having the wrong O2 levels in water can lead to affected water quality for residents. Having these tests done in real-time allows for immediate results and changes, if necessary.
  • Pumping – Pumping can be done remotely with this technology from individual pump stations as needed.
  • Overview of the entire water tower system – A real-time view of the information you require, along with historically stored data keeps information accurate for future use and present day logistics.

Previously, when information and data was required to determine water levels at water towers, for example, staff would have to go to the individual towers to gather that information. With technology installed by Nova Communications and partners, this is no longer an issue.

In the end, this saves both valuable time and money for collecting data, especially given that a number of water towers in rural communities are upwards of 30 kilometres apart and employees previously had to travel from site to site to gather information.

Upgrading these methods and technologies for water towers, treatment plants, and other facilities are essential components to the improvement of aging infrastructure. A number of townships in rural areas of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia have already taken advantage of this solution – and with great success due to greater efficiency and productivity with both data collection and employee time.

During a recent visit to Nova Scotia, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau also announced federal funding for water projects throughout the province. Wireless technology through SCADA systems are expected to be a component of these projects, as it allows for enhanced water services and efficiencies.

Want to learn more about how Nova Communications can help facilitate these changes at your water facility? Nova and partner companies have the experience to implement this technology and ensure the information you require for your towns water is collected and relayed. It doesn’t matter how many towers you have, we can install a system that is customized to the specific town or owner’s specifications.

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