WiMAX (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access) was launched in 2001 as a “super WiFi” based on the 802.16 standard. After the hype settled, WiMAX found a useful niche in the marketplace. In Canada, it is used mostly for fixed wireless in situations where licensed frequencies are required.

Nova Communications has been involved with WiMAX deployments for:

  • Wireless ISPs–Useful for last-mile distribution and usually operating in the licensed 3.65 GHz spectrum in Canada
  • Utilities–Industry Canada approved 1.8 GHz solely for utility use in Canada, and partners have released specific products for this use
  • Carriers–Licensed spectrum for backhaul to cell microsites or WiFi hotspots

Nova Communications can accelerate your WiMAX deployment with path and coverage analysis, site selection, system design, equipment supply, system configuration and staging, and field commissioning and ongoing support.