For companies and government, WiFi has evolved from a nicety to a necessity. WiFi is now business-critical for organizations for a variety of reasons:

  • The number of mobile devices is growing rapidly–there are now more mobile devices than people on earth, with most having embedded WiFi capability
  • Organizations and users are thriving on real-time access to information, from shop floors to sports stadiums
  • Many applications for businesses and consumers alike are incorporating video streaming, which demands bandwidths that are taxing cellular networks and costly
  • The future “Internet of Things”–Cisco predicts that the number of M2M devices will reach 50 billion by 2020

Nova Communications deploys WiFi for a diverse range of applications, including:

  • Retail–staff communications and barcode scanning, with customer WiFi access as part of a broader omni-channel strategy
  • Warehousing and manufacturing–barcode, RFID and label printers connected over WiFi with integration to ERP and other real-time information systems
  • Municipalities–deploying wide area outdoor WiFi as part of Smart Community efforts for both citizens and businesses
  • Cellular carriers–much of carriers’ new wireless data builds use WiFi to offload data traffic from their licensed spectrum cell networks

We have a number of industry-leading partners who each bring unique WiFi product offerings.

Nova Communications is ideally suited for WiFi requirements that are business-critical. We can accelerate your WiFi deployment with site surveys, coverage analysis/predictions, system design, WiFi and network equipment supply, system configuration and staging, and field commissioning and ongoing support.