Smart Community

Many communities around the world aspire to be known as a Smart City or Smart Community. We passionately believe that free public WiFi alone no longer delivers on the potential of a Smart Community, nor the recognition as such.

The true potential of a Smart Community in today’s world is delivered over a WiFi network as a critical enabler of value-added applications and services, such as:

  • Enhanced visitor experience
  • Promotion of local businesses
  • Energy management
  • Public safety
  • Traffic and parking management
  • Public transit services

A complete Smart Community solution is designed around the drivers for that community. These drivers dictate the value-added applications, network coverage, internet connectivity, and local content.

Nova Communications can accelerate your Smart Community deployment by:

  • Working with you to determine your unique Smart Community requirements and drivers
  • Engineering a solution based on our experience and designware
  • Bringing value-added applications and services from proven deployments
  • Staging and implementing the solution
  • Providing ongoing monitoring and support