motorola wireless communications device on streetlight

Mesh Networks

Mesh networks are a unique self-forming and self-healing network topology in which each radio or node relays data across the network. The nodes can be fixed or mobile, which makes it an ideal fit for a specialized range of applications. Nova Communications deploys mesh networks for purposes including:  wireless_mesh_3

  • Wireless backhaul for mobile video surveillance
  • Mobile applications in transportation
  • Backbone for WiFi network deployments (especially outdoor)
  • Ad hoc networks for remote environments without network, such as defence and research
  • Easily deployed data networks for resources requirements, such as mining

We have a number of industry-leading partners who each bring unique mesh product offerings, including Zebra/Symbol and Cisco.

Customers choose mesh networks for the benefit of:

  • Faster deployment than wired options
  • Reduced total cost of ownership
  • Creating network connectivity where none exists
  • Ease of deployment by non-technical personnel

Nova Communications can accelerate your mesh network deployment with path and coverage analysis, capacity planning, site selection, system design, equipment supplying, system configuration and staging, and field commissioning and ongoing support.