Wide-Area Coverage Meets Affordability in the Hytera PNC360S Two-Way Radio

Hytera has built a reputation as an industry leader in the two-way radio space. Customers across a range of industries have relied on Hytera for high-quality, reliable, innovative, and durable devices that won’t break the bank.

In this blog post, we’ll look at Hytera’s latest offering, the PNC360S, and provide an overview of the Hytera HALO Push-to-Talk over Cellular Radio Systems solution so that you can get even more value from Hytera devices.

Hytera PNC360S

The Hytera PNC360S is a compact and feature-rich push-to-talk radio that ensures teams are always connected. It’s reliable, rugged, and with pristine audio and ideal communications solution across various industries.

PNC306S Features


With impressive battery life, connectivity options, and built-in safety features, the PNC306S keeps teams productive. Features include:

  • Nationwide coverage over LTE and Wi-Fi networks
  • Built-in Bluetooth connectivity
  • 4000mAh lithium-polymer
  • Delivers days of operation (not hours)
  • 48 hours at 10/10/80 duty cycle
  • Fast charging (minutes)
  • One-touch emergency button
  • Large PTT key
  • Text message capabilities

Next-Level Audio

Hytera’s legendary audio quality is elevated with the PNC306 device, which provides clear audio in loud and busy environments. Audio features include:

  • Loud 3W speaker
  • Howling suppression
  • Digital noise reduction with a 20dB reduction in background noise
  • High-frequency distortion reduced to 5%

Rugged and Ergonomic Design

Despite its ultra-compact design, PNC306S was designed to withstand almost anything thrown at it. Design features include:

  • IP67 rated for complete water immersion
  • Compliant with MIL-STD-810-G for shock and vibration
  • 2 m drop test
  • Anti-magnetic speaker
  • Ultra-compact for easy carrying in a pocket or with the belt clip
  • Palm-sized for discrete operation
  • Can be worn on a lanyard

Will the PNC306S Work For You?

Still don’t know if the PNC306S is the right radio for your organization? The PNC306S was built to meet the following needs:

  • Wide-area group calling
  • Compact and easy to use PTT radios
  • Economic solution
  • Low start-up costs
  • Fast deployments

Hytera Nationwide PoC Radio Network

The Hytera PNC306S radio integrates with Hytera HALO, a suite of Push-to-Talk over Cellular radio systems that provide nationwide or single-site communications with instant group calling that supports data, voice, and video. Two of these systems – Hytera HALO Nationwide and Hytera HALO OnSite – are of particular interest to PNC306S users.

For large organizations with multiple sites, HALO Nationwide is an ideal solution to keep remote workers connected. HALO Nationwide is a Push-to-Talk Over Cellular (PoC) radio network that utilizes 3G/4G/LTE cellular infrastructure to deliver nationwide coverage and bandwidth for voice, data, and video communications. Workers are always connected to the network as PoC radios automatically and seamlessly switch to an LTE network when a caller moves outside the Wi-Fi network range.

Organizations that operate on a single site can benefit from the Hytera HALO OnSite, a Push-to-Talk over Wi-Fi radio system that uses the existing Wi-Fi network in a large building, facility, or campus to provide instant group voice.

Learn More

If you’re looking for a compact, rugged, and cost-effective radio, look no further than the PNC306S. You can learn more about the PNC306S by downloading the datasheet. Ready to buy? Contact us today for a quote.

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