Why Your Fire Department Needs the Motorola Minitor VI Two-Tone Voice Pager

Your Fire Department Could be Missing Alerts without the Motorola Minitor VI Two-Tone Voice Page

Fire departments are already familiar with using two way radios to communicate when responding to emergencies but pagers play a key role in dispatching additional staff during critical situations. The ease of use and portability that pagers provide make them the leading device for on-call and volunteer staff. With ‘life-tested’ simulations, the Motorola Minitor VI is built for the demanding and unpredictable job of a first responder and is quickly becoming the ‘standard pager’ for Fire Departments in Canada.

So why Minitor VI?

The Minitor VI is the latest pager from Motorola, developed from consultation with firefighters across North America, it is designed to withstand the real-life challenges your team faces:

  • Rugged and Compact Design – Don’t be fooled by the light weight and discrete design of this device, the Minitor VI is rugged and engineered for the tough environments encountered by the emergency services sector. These pagers come in both Intrinsically Safe and Non-Intrinsically Safe models, equipped with IP56 for dust and water intrusion.
  • Extended Voice Message Storage – This pager records up to 16 minutes of messages that you can easily skip, rewind and fast forward directly from the device. You can also customize your call alerts, channel announcements, and vibrate profiles to suit the priority protocols of your department.
  • Reliable Battery Options –The Minitor VI features a rechargeable battery, including a charger with a built-in voice-amplifier, an alkaline battery tray for in-field replacement, and voice announcements that indicate battery level so you never miss an alert.

We know a day in the life of a first responder is never the same and you are constantly faced with “the unknown” once you’re suited up. If there is one thing you can rely on it’s always knowing that the Minitor VI will keep you alert and ready for action.

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