Why You Should Personalize Your Two Way Radios

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Your local Tait distributors here. Last year we introduced Tait DMR TP3 portable radio: Tait’s most cost-effective radio.

While there are a lot of other benefits to this two way radio (from the ability to instantly upgrade it without having to replace your radios) to its great value, there’s another big benefit: the fact that it can be customized.

This customization can increase visibility, help with channel and fleet management and is beneficial for branding purposes as well.

If you’re already a Tait DMR TP3 user, are you taking advantage?

1. Colour-Coding: Increased Visibility and Quicker Communication

While traditional black two way radios are great for certain industries like security as they don’t draw attention to themselves, there are many industries out there that specifically choose colourful radios in order to increase visibility on the job site.

Many fire departments, for instance, use colour-coded two way radios so if they drop them, they can quickly be found. In a mission-critical environment like this (as well as for mine sites, oil/gas and so on), the added visibility could mean the difference between life and death.

Colour-coded radios are also beneficial to other industries as well, with the construction industry being a great example. Studies have shown how much time construction workers spend simply waiting on equipment with roofers spending 75 minutes! Bright colour-coded radios like bright green, yellow or pink are much more easily spotted.

There’s also the fact that many industries have a variety of teams within the organization that have their own communication requirements as far as channels, talk groups or even functions go. Having colour-coded radios makes it easy to determine the radio you need based on your duties.

2. Custom Labels: Better Channel and Fleet Management

Custom labels are great for channel management, allowing you to quickly get in touch with a specific department. In hospitality, the front desk staff can quickly get in touch with marketing/sales; during events, management can quickly contact the appropriate personnel, whether 1 for the medic, 2 for facility crew and so on.

However, custom labels are also highly valuable in terms of fleet management. Labels can include names, phone numbers, logos, return addresses, asset ID numbers/barcodes, dealer addresses for maintenance purposes of just about any other type of labelling you need.

Your Tait distributors will be able to arrange it for you.

tait labels

As you can see, labels increase accountability or increase the likelihood that radios are returned.

Some organizations have radios with more advanced features like different encryption levels or alarm triggers. Labels can be used to identify these features as well.

Many businesses and organizations will try to use duct-tape or even try to write on them, but neither are great long-term solutions as they can quickly wear off or even interfere with the screen and keypad. Marker pens can be permanent, which may not be ideal either.  Tait’s labels are water-proof, chemical/alcohol-resistant and even smudge-proof.

At the end of the day, your radios are an investment and should be protected.

3. Colours and Labels for Branding

Many businesses colour-code and label their radios for branding purposes. Even if you rebrand in the future, you just have to change the cover.

Adding your logo to your radio is a great way to boost brand awareness. You can even program your logo/mission statement to appear on the start-up screen, which is a great way to remind your team of your vision.

Wrapping It Up

If you’re looking for a cost-effective and yet functional two-way radio, Tait’s DMR TP3 radio is it, allowing you to personalize your fleet for even more long-term value.

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Interested in the Tait DMR TP3? We’re Tait distributors. Call us at 1-877-721-7070 or contact us online here.

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