Why You Need to Replace Your Base Station Radio with the Avtec Scout E1 Console 

Any organization that has a dispatcher knows that fast, efficient, and reliable communication is vital in day-to-day operations. Utility providers, rail operators, airports, and educational facilities all require clear and dependable communication to provide essential services while ensuring the safety of both employees and the groups that they serve.  

However, some dispatchers still rely on base station radios for mission-critical communication. The Avtec E1 Scout console is an affordable and compact choice for organizations that need a modern dispatch solution.  mini SIP console

Avtec Scout E1 Features, Benefits, and Integrations

The Avtec Scout E1 Console is geared for users who only need to monitor up to four channels.

Its IP system is designed to operate over standard ethernet. It offers the ability to concurrently monitor radio, PPT and LTE.

The small size doesn’t compromise audio quality, and dispatchers can control their communication preferences through independent volume control for each channel and a backlit display for talk group activity. 

The Avtec Scout E1 can help overcome common dispatch challenges that come with using a base station radio. The dispatch console boasts the following benefits: 

  • It uses less desktop real estate than base station radios 
  • Ideal for locations with poor RF coverage and can work with geographically dispersed architecture 
  • Replace tone and DC remote controls in regions where those devices are unavailable 
  • The interface can be fully customized to meet an organization’s individual needs, and it can be configured to match existing interfaces  
  • Eliminates missed calls in applications where dispatchers access multiple channels 
  • Provides protection from cyber security attacks via Avtec’s rigorous testing process  

The Avtec Scout E1 is designed to work with the equipment that dispatchers are already using. It integrates with the following solutions: 

  • MOTOTRBO™ Integration 
  • SMARTNET® / SmartZone™ Trunked Integration 
  • P25 Trunk & Conventional Ph 1 & 2 (Includes ASTRO) 
  • DMR / NXDN / MPT-IP / IDAS / ED-137 
  • Harris EDACS® / OpenSky® Systems 
  • Cisco Instant Connect 
  • AT&T Enhanced PTT 
  • Verizon Push to Talk Plus 
  • Wave 
  • Permanent Patch 
  • NENA Support (Headset Sharing) 
  • Instant Recall Recorders (IRR) / Log Recorders / Mobility 

Easily Scale with Avtec Scout

While the E1 is great for small-scale operations, it’s a building block to Avtec’s larger portfolio of Scout console solutions. This means that as your organization’s needs grow, you can upgrade to include other console products without losing your initial investment in the Scout E1. Conversely, it can be used to expand larger Scout Enterprise solutions for organizations with personnel that only need access to a few channels occasionally. 

Avtec offers the following console products that can be mixed and matched across one system. Briefly, let’s look at how the Scout E1 compares with the other Scout options:

  • Scout E1: 4 endpoints /fixed/ Power over Ethernet or AC LMR 
  • Scout E4: 4 endpoints/fixed/mobile LMR/Telephony/PTT 
  • Scout E8: 8 endpoints/fixed/mobile LMR/Telephony/PTT 
  • Scout EX: 2,000 endpoints/fixed/mobile/LMR/Telephony/PTT  

Upgrade Today

Want to learn more about the Avtec Scout E1? Take a look at the Scout E1 Console cut sheet.  

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