Why the Motorola XPR7550e is the Leading Two Way Radio in Construction

When it comes to construction, Nova Communications has worked with hundreds of companies in the industry to find the right Motorola handheld and mobile radios for every type of project and operation. We know that loud machinery, harsh weather conditions, and dangerous equipment are communication and safety challenges that every team faces.

Our customers working in construction have long-trusted Motorola two way radios to provide the durability, audio performance, and safety features needed on a work site. Today, the leading portable two way radio meeting the challenges of our customers’ job sites across Canada is the Motorola XPR7550e. This rugged device is backed by industry-leading digital technology that amplifies sound quality, extends battery power, and boosts signal range. It’s no question why the Motorola XPR7550e has been rated the best two way radio for construction.

Built for the Toughest Sites
This commercial-grade radio has been tested on active worksites and put through Motorola’s Accelerated Life Testing that simulates five years of demanding use. The digital XPR7550e has continued to perform after multiple drops on concrete, extreme temperature shocks from -57 ℃ to 80 ℃, and being submerged in six feet of water for two hours. With the rugged nature of the work in construction, combined with the unpredictable Canadian weather, this digital two way radio is known for surviving the toughest work sites.

Designed for Superior Safety
Project managers need direct access and clear communication with their teams at all times, especially during an emergency. With one touch of the large orange emergency button, Transmit Interrupt is initiated to clear all channels for priority access to critical communications. An integrated accelerometer can sense if you’ve fallen and will automatically call for emergency assistance. Adding on the boosted 29 hours of battery life, 8% better signal range, and indoor/outdoor location tracking, workers can depend on the XPR7550e to last for multiple shifts and instantly connect them to the people they need, exactly when they need them.

Intelligent and Hands-Free Audio Technology
Traveling across single and multiple worksites is just a typical day in the life of construction. This digital two way radio uses Intelligent Audio and Industrial Noise-Cancellation to automatically adjust the speaker volume based on the level of background noise. This means workers never have to look down to manually adjust the volume, keeping their hands and focus on the job.

Taking handsfree communication even further, the XPR7550e has built-in Bluetooth that enables pairing with wireless two-way radio accessories like remote speaker mics that use Windporting technology to eliminate feedback from extreme winds and weather. A number of our customers have also been pairing their XPR7550e with wireless 3M Peltor headsets for added hearing protection.

For more details on the Motorola XPR7550e and other top-rated two way radios for the construction industry, download our free construction one-pager.

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Nova Communications has been providing two way radio and wireless communications solutions to construction companies across Canada for over 30 years. Our team of Certified Motorola Specialists are here to help answer any questions you have about choosing the best Motorola two way radio for your particular project and worksite.

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