Why Migrating to Capacity Max (Cap Max) Is Critical for Nuclear Safety And Data Communications

Not only is Motorola’s Connect Plus now end-of-life, but the migration is critical for plants looking to increase nuclear safety and data communications.

In a nutshell, Capacity Max offers powerful enhancements to security (including priority queuing override and Transmit Interrupt) and RF efficiency. It also offers the ability for over-the-air programming and battery management. The built-in interoperability means there is excellent compatibility between current devices and radios, thoughtfully reducing the expense to upgrade.

This blog post will show you why this radio system upgrade is an important one.



Why Migrating to Cap Max is Critical for Nuclear Power Plants

Cap Max is high-performance, next-generation digital trunking. As you will see, control is centralized, but traffic routing is enhanced in a way that reduces costs while still resulting in the best level of performance.

1. Highest Level of Security (Core Component of Cap Max)

It goes without saying that a high level of security is critical for nuclear power plants. This is true for those in the field, at the plant and for the community at large. At the communications level, it’s critical for power plants to be able to respond quickly and effectively in the event of an accident.

Security is Cap Max’s defining feature. To this end, authentication, access control and encryption built into the system. Everything from voice, data and control traffic is encrypted. All radios are also securely authenticated. Access control allows you to remotely control a device if it’s lost or stolen, giving you the ability to turn it off and off.

Current Connect Plus users don’t have Transmit Interrupt, Capp Preemption (Emergency/All Call) or even as good of roaming that Cap Max enables. Security enhancements include:

  • Authentication of devices upon registration
  • AES encryption for site links
  • Requires VPN
  • Radio Stun, revive and kill features
  • Certificate-based on Wi-Fi authentication on devices (R2.9)

Cap Max also includes a suite of built-in tools and applications for complete visibility of your operations.

2. Greater RF Efficiency

Cap Max also enables greater RF efficiency.

To this end, Cap Max offers increased capacity, with 12 additional dedicated data channels per site. It also offers 10,800/site location updates compared to just 3,990 with Connect Plus.

Cap Max also offers more scalability via coverage of up to 15 repeaters per site (and an additional six repeaters per site). It also offers intensive text and data use, high-efficiency GPS, SCADA, control station data and Alarm Management.

Cap Max also offers improved data communications, communicating with added intelligence by the layering of voice and data.

3. Higher Resiliency And Availability

What also makes Capacity Max different is its multi-level resiliency, high-fault tolerance and availability.

In fact, there are so many layers of redundancy that nothing can bring the system down. This includes:

capacity max

You can also have centralized control and redundancy at the same time.

4. System Level Management (Including Remote Upgrades)

Cap Max also offers complete system level management. This includes remote upgrades, a benefit not at all possible with current Connect Plus systems.

Cap Max enables complete command of the infrastructure (including configuration management, fault/performance management and battery management), devices and talk groups in one place.

The result? Greater efficiency.

Upgrades, updates, software patches and firmware patches can be done over the air, resulting in fast and simple updates.

Wrapping It Up

Capacity Max is the culmination of years of field experience, customer feedback and technological advancements.

Migration is critical for nuclear power plants. Simply put, the Motorola Connect Plus system no longer delivers the kind of security that nuclear power plants require today. It also fails to offer the kind of resiliency and system-level management that is made possible by Cap Max.

With migration made possible via a simple, software update, there is no reason to wait any longer to make the transition.

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