Why Flight Crews Need To Be Using the Icom A-14 Radio

Aircrafts and grounds crews have long relied on two way radios to communicate with each other in crucial situations. When a plane is preparing to take off, pilots must communicate with their team on the ground to ensure the final check is complete and the plane is ready for taxi – this is where the Icom A-14 radio comes in handy.

So Why Icom A-14?
The Icom A-14 is a member of the of the Icom Avionics two way radio lineup. Its compact, lightweight, and rugged body is the ideal radio for student, private, or commercial pilots. A full keypad to input channels directly and an LCD backlight for night-time operation are just a couple features we love. Read on to find out why the Icom A-14 is in a league of its own.

  • Smart Safety Options
    Not only is the A-14 handy in ground situations, but can also prove to be a real lifesaver in the air. In the event of aircraft communications becoming compromised, the A-14’s air band frequencies can be used as an alternative mode of communication.
  • Useful Audio Features
    A combination of airplane engines as well as flights landing and taking off make it extremely difficult to be heard clearly, which is why it is essential for the pilot’s radio to provide loud audio. The A-14 radio uses an amplifier that doubles the audio output, and has an internal speak that delivers a loud 700mW audio output with clear sound to cut through cabin or tarmac noise.
  • Innovative Memory Channels
    Programming on the A-14 is achieved through its 200 memory channels which can be named with 8-characters for easy recognition. For fast and simple operation, these channels can also be grouped into 10 memory banks.
  • Long-Lasting Battery Life
    With its large capacity Lithium-Ion battery pack, the A-14 model provides up to 15 hours of operating time, making it the ideal radio during those long flights.

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