Why Everyone is Freaking Out About Icom’s LTE Mobile Transceiver

Is your mobile two way radio (read: vehicle installed radio) in need of an upgrade? Looking to add a mobile to your fleet because you spend a lot of time in your vehicle?

The new Icom IP501m is a great option, particularly for those in industries like transportation, farming, construction, forestry, security, and emergency services to name a few.

If you’ve been following anything from the Nova team lately (i.e. our emails or social pages), you will know that Icom’s Push-to-Talk Over Cellular LTE portable two way radio – the radio that works on 3G/4G networks – has already been an absolute hit among our customers.

And now Icom has released the mobile version for inside vehicles!

Read on to find out more about everyone’s favourite LTE radio and why it might be a good option for you.

Benefits of the Icom IP501m Mobile Two Way Radio

The portable and mobile versions aren’t that different aside from the fact that one is portable and the other isn’t. You can communicate just like you would on a cell phone (i.e. you can talk and receive at the same time) on both.

mobile two way radioHere’s what’s so popular about this LTE radio:

Nationwide Coverage over LTE – No Dead Spots! Everyone from transportation to construction and special events loves this radio because you can communicate across Canada without any dead spots.

No Repeaters or IP Network Needed. It can be a struggle to get the coverage you need without having to build and maintain a wide area radio network or invest in repeaters. That’s not the case with Icom’s LTE radio.

It’s License-Free! Just like its handheld counterpart, the Icom LTE mobile transceiver is entirely license-free as it just operates on a SIM card.

*Note that the mobile version is interoperable with the handheld/portable version as well.

Here are some other neat features about the Icom IP501h:

● Allows Ethernet connectivity to interconnect with GPS software

● Improve safety with emergency Call and Lone Worker functions

Wrapping It Up

If you’re interested in adding a mobile two way radio to your fleet, the Icom IP501h is a great option.

With nationwide coverage, no expensive infrastructure, and the fact that it’s license-free, there’s a reason why it’s been so popular amongst our Nova customers.

In search of or have questions about the mobile two way radio Icom IP501m? Contact us online here or call us at 1-877-721-7070.

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