Why Do Rural Customers Still Prefer VHF Radio Systems?

VHF radio continues to be a valuable system for rural customers to use with their workforce as a communication tool.

While the technology is not ideal in urban settings, because of its range being limited by buildings and other structures, frequency congestion, and with work environments being mostly indoors, VHF radio continues to be valued in a number of prominent Canadian industries that have rural operations.

Why do these customers still prefer VHF radio over any other band? Here are many advantages of VHF radio systems in these areas:

Signal Technology

In a non-urban work setting, a strong, far-reaching signal is a necessity. VHF, also known as ‘very high frequency’ is the first band where wavelengths are small enough to make efficient transmitting antennas for vehicles and handheld devices. The signal technology with VHF radio systems is known as line of sight. The range of portable radios is typically 1 to 1.5 kilometres and mobile radios (vehicle mounted) can talk 10-15 kilometres – assuming there are no structures obstructing the ability for signals to cross. In more metropolitan settings, buildings and other structures often limit the range of VHF radio systems. In the open plains of a rural setting, there are no such limits for the radios.

Preferred Choice for Industries

VHF radios continue to be the preferred choice for many industries based in rural settings. Workforce and industries that benefit and continue to use the technology include:

People in these industries rely on communication to complete their work efficiently and safely. The radios they use need to be durable and dependable. When debating a communication system for your needs, consider that industries have depended on VHF radio for decades. Their experience and continued use of these systems shows how beneficial it can be for your work.

Historical Investments

A number of users of VHF radio systems have not been required to make large changes or investments to their technology because those systems continue to be viable and usable. This is a benefit for many reasons, including a knowledge of the technology, as well as a cost savings to the business owners. There are many people familiar with the technology of VHF, which makes training and troubleshooting easier. The durability of a VHF radio system will benefit your company because you will not need to overhaul it due to new technologies, to learn a new system where money and time have to be spent on new training, or be stuck with surplus equipment that has become obsolete. After an initial investment, these radios will be with you for years to come.

Safety Advantages

In non-urban settings, employees often end up spread across large areas. For the safety and efficiency of everyone, it is imperative to have constant and reliable communication. A VHF radio system provides this because the signal is especially designed to work well in these areas. These two-way radios can meet military conditions, therefore performing in even the toughest conditions. If there comes a time where you have an emergency on the job, then you can trust these radios to connect you to the help you need, no matter what the weather is.

Operational Advantages

The VHF radio has great operational advantages because of its long-range from radio-to-radio. This speaks to the advantage of such a system in a rural setting. In general, a VHF radio system is easier to set up than larger systems. It also provides great audio clarity. VHF radio systems have long withstood the test of time and continue to be the technology of tomorrow.

A number of industries in Canada are operating in rural settings, or have some branch of operations that do so. As a result, the VHF radio has continued to be a proven resource for open communications among team members. If you are ready to have the best communication devices for these settings, then contact us at Nova Communications today. We specialize in providing the perfect two way communications for your business.

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