When Size Really Does Matter – With Your Two Way Radio

The industry you work in can determine the amount of gear and technology you carry on your person throughout a shift. A number of industries are carrying or wearing things like tools, safety gear and more, but an important part of most industry tool belts is a communication tool. And the majority of Canadian industries have benefited from the increased productivity, efficiency and safety they get from two way radios.

Whether employees are wearing lots of gear, or none at all, the size of their two way radio does matter. Depending on the environment you’re using the technology, you may not need a large, super tough two way radio. The latest in two way radio technology recognizes that, and there are options and models now available for all sizes – including some as small as a smartphone!

The size of your two way radio, however, doesn’t impact the features you get from it, or its functions – and it shouldn’t. The majority of Motorola digital radios in the MotoTRBO line, for example, feature a number of the same features that make using your radio easier, including:

  • Durability – Motorola two way radios are built tough – they have been able to withstand the drops, shocks and vibrations of the workplace due to the company’s investment in durability. But, the latest digital two way radios have IP ratings as high as 67 or 68 – allowing for completely dust-proof and waterproof capabilities, depending on the model. While this isn’t a necessary feature for all work environments, it does work in a number of Canadian industries.
  • Better Range – The latest in digital two way radios have up to eight per cent better range than the legacy digital radios released in 2006. This means your employees are better able to travel throughout your business and stay in touch with the team.
  • Functions for Noisy Environments – From office to warehouse, construction yard to oil and gas site – all of these environments have the tendency to be loud at one time or other. The benefit with Motorola radios is a feature that automatically reduces background noise to ensure your message comes through the first time. In moments of safety, this is crucial. But in day-to-day business, it reduces downtime, and increases efficiency.
  • Longer Battery Life – Depending on the model you choose, some two way radios have battery life that can last up to 29 hours. So, if you’re working long shifts, or forget to charge your radio at the end of the day, you can rest assured knowing your team can stay in communication.

Depending on the two way radio you choose, there are also bonus advanced features as well, including:

  • WiFi capabilities
  • Bluetooth
  • Safety features, including Man Down and Lone Worker options
  • And more!

And the beauty of it all is that they all work together – across all models. So, whether you’re in the carpeted office or in the yard working outside, there is the option to have those two way radios work and function together.

With the array of two way radio options available, it can be hard to figure out what the best option is for you and your team. We get that. But with more than 30 years of experience in the two way radio industry, we have an understanding of what has worked best for customers just like you.

Feel free to contact one of our two way radio experts today. Or start with the Portable Radio Selection Guide below – which narrows down the best models for you in two minutes.

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