What the New SOLAS Requirements Means for Marine Fire Teams

The International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS), is a set of safety standards for the equipment, construction, and operation of merchant ships. Since its adoption in 1914 following the Titanic disaster, SOLAS has introduced several versions since, and the current version, SOLAS, 1974, is constantly updated and amended to ensure safety in the event of an emergency.

The most recent SOLAS Marine Fire Team Radios requirements that were updated in 2016, and new regulations introduced in 2014, will be required to go into effect July 1st, 2018.

What Do These New Regulations Mean for Marine Fire Teams?
The regulation states that any ship constructed on or after July 2014 will be required to have a minimum of two intrinsically safe or explosion proof two-way radios on board. The purpose of the requirements for SOLAS Marine Fire Team Radios is to increase the safety of crew members working on merchant ships worldwide.

Why Intrinsically Safe Radios?
For those who work in hazardous environments that contain combustible materials such as flammable chemicals or gasses, ignitable fibers, or combustible dust, you need devices that are going to sustain in the environment. Not only do you need your device to keep working and give you clear communication during any type of emergency, but you need it to keep you safe while doing so – this is when intrinsically safe (IS) radios come in handy.

IS radios are designed specifically to prevent electrical sparking and excessive heat emission – two concerns that most other electronic devices present. For example, non-IS radios can create electrical sparks that can become combustible when exposed to materials found in hazardous work environments, such as on marine fire ships. With IS radios, you know no matter what your working environment, you won’t have to worry about your radio becoming a safety hazard in an already dangerous situation.

When Do the New SOLAS Regulations Take Effect?
For the new requirements introduced in 2014, all ships built before July 1st, 2014 will need to upgrade to the newest IS equipment as of July 1st, 2018, and all ships built prior to 2014 should already be equipped with the newest requirements.

How Nova Can Help
With our wide range of intrinsically safe Motorola radios that remain rugged and reliable, we can help you meet your SOLAS requirements before July 1st, 2018. By providing exceptional communications in any hazardous environment, our IS radios and rugged accessories aim to keep you and your teams safe when you need it most.

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