Warehouse Two Way Radio Solutions

Here at Nova Communications, we cater to a number of industries that rely on our technologies to make their workplace function more easily and, ultimately, with better efficiency and productivity as a result. One of those dominant industries we deal with is warehousing – from wireless solutions, to barcode scanners and two way radio communication, we have the ability to make the function in your warehouse better.

If you’ve worked in a warehouse, you know that relaying messages among employees can be a challenge. Whether it’s employees within the warehouse that require communication or relaying a message from the office to the floor, having two way radios in place can certainly make that process easier.

Our sales team have heard recently about the struggle of communication in the warehouse from our customers. Whether they’re using older technology, or complaining about noise levels being a factor in their struggle to be heard, we wanted to take a look at some solutions for you that might make that process a little easier.

Office employees

The SL300 is a perfect solution to use in the office environments of a warehouse and, you may be surprised to learn this, but they complement with other digital two way radios that staff may be using elsewhere (including other models!) Why is it so perfect? First of all, it’s a compact solution, about the size of a cell phone that is still built to withstand the everyday wear and tear of a warehouse, while also being worn comfortably if you choose to do so throughout the day.

Other advantages include: Voice quality, better battery life because of its digital component, analog and digital capability (in case you’re not ready to make the full switch to a digital fleet due to budget), and a splashproof and dustproof casing. Add on top of that the Transmit Interrupt Capability – allowing supervisors to interrupt conversations to relay important messages, and you’ve got a great two way radio for the warehouse office.

Warehouse floor

For this, we think there are two options worth mentioning for your needs in the warehouse.

We’ll start with the CP200d. This is a simple two way radio option, but isn’t simple in its abilities. With incredible audio, outstanding coverage and battery life, this is a radio that will get you through a busy workday, no matter where you’re working in the warehouse – next to a machine or elsewhere.

Other benefits include its affordability, analog and digital capabilities, compatibility with other Motorola MotoTRBO options, and the transmit interrupt feature for communication emergencies.

The XPR3300e is another great option for the warehouse floor. Known for its audio quality (like all other Motorola digital two way radios), this radio takes communication to a whole new level with Intelligent Audio features which automatically adjust noise levels in the background for noisy environments.

Other benefits include its compact and lightweight size, perfect for wearing throughout the day, along with interoperability between analog and digital, transmit interrupt features, Bluetooth capabilities and incredible battery life.

Indoor/Outdoor Devices

The XPR7350 is perfect for those staff members that go in and out of the warehouse throughout the day and, potentially, into the elements. Built for the demanding user, it works seamlessly with the other technologies listed above, so a lack of communication among the team is not a concern.

Other advantages to this two way radio include the audio capabilities that come with Motorola digital two way radios (perfect for noisy work floors and outdoor environments), GPS and text messaging applications for both getting a hold of staff and/or tracking their location on the floor, emergency buttons, dustproof and waterproof features and FM intrinsically safe options, if the need is there.

Don’t forget about accessories, either! From headsets to speaker mics, spare batteries and chargers, it’s important to think of all the potential wants and needs of a warehouse and how you can full benefit from an updated two way radio package.

Interested in finding out more about what two way radios can do for you? We have a number of options in various price points that are worth talking to one of our two way radio experts about. Contact us today for more information.

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