Want to Improve Worker Safety? Tait’s TP9300 Unique GeoFencing Feature Can Help

Are you looking for a two way radio designed to increase worker safety? How about everyday operational efficiency?

If so, we’ve got a powerful and unique feature to tell you about. In fact, many people in the mining industry are already using this capability.

The new feature we’re talking about?

Tait GeoFencing. 

This blog post will tell you all about it, and how it can help you increase worker safety and efficiency across a variety of job sites.

How Tait GeoFencing Can Help You Improve Worker Safety

Here’s what Tait GeoFencing is:

Tait Geofencing is just like standard geofencing, except the intelligence is now applied to two way radios.

With Tait GeoFencing, both the Tait TP9300 mobile and portable two way radios can be programmed to trigger certain actions upon entering certain geographic zones.

Here are some examples:

  • Alert drivers to hazardous areas, low speeds or a lack of vehicle lights
  • Switch from analog to DMR Conventional or DMR Trunked Networks, therein maintaining communication at all times
  • Switch channels and talk groups
  • Send automated messages (such as notifying when a worker has reached home safely or alerting a crew to follow a Safe Operational Procedure upon entering a hazardous area or when you are approaching end of coverage of coverage).
  • Activate features like lone worker

Not only does this increase worker safety, but the automation also makes this particular two way radio easy-to-use, therein reducing training time.


And here’s how it works:

The great part about Tait’s new GeoFencing feature is it doesn’t require connection to a network or any type of location software application. Everything is simply programmed into the radios themselves based on the geographic zones that you set.

In this way, the radio is customized to every individual user.

Another major benefit of Tait GeoFencing is the fact that it’s based on GPS location and programming within the radio itself, meaning you don’t put additional strain on your radio network.

Typically, geofencing results in a lot of network traffic, but since Tait GeoFencing is stored in the terminal, it puts less strain on the network. It also means you can operate without any LMR coverage at all!

How Tait GeoFencing Can Help Specific Industries


Tait’s GeoFencing feature can help a lot of different industries. Here are some examples:

  • Emergency calls can be automatically routed to the nearest emergency service, allowing prompt emergency response with the simple click of a button.
  • If vehicles enter hazardous areas where blasting is taking place, alarms go off and blasting is disabled until everyone has cleared. Given that mines typically operate across vast amounts of space, communication can be seamlessly kept intact with automatic mode changes as well.
  • Similarly to the mining industry, virtual fences can be placed around high-risk areas, therein reducing injury as well as unnecessary outages.

Wrapping It Up


Tait’s new GeoFencing feature increases worker safety and efficiency on the job site. And because Tait Geofencing is stored in the terminal, many functions will continue to work even in a network outage.

Tait Geofencing works without putting additional strain on your radio network as well, making it a better option than traditional geofencing tools.

It’s also low-cost.

Learn more about the Tait TP9300, the tough terminal designed for mission-critical operations

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