Want to Boost Efficiency And Profitability This Year? Advantech’s IIoT Solutions Are Key

Want to boost operational efficiency and profitability this year?

Advantech’s IIoT solutions are key.

The Internet of Things (IoT) and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT or Industry 4.0) is one of the most popular topics at the moment. This is true for manufacturing, transportation, logistics, healthcare, retail, hospitality and beyond.

(If you’re not yet caught up to date, IIoT is all about connecting devices and machines to improve operations. Predictive maintenance is one such example).

As just one example of IIoT’s growth, research from Statista found that the total number of IoT connected devices will reach 75.44 billion worldwide by 2025, representing a fivefold increase in ten years. Put another way, businesses are becoming increasingly connected.

With this in mind, we’d like to introduce you to our latest partnership: Advantech, a leading brand in IoT intelligent systems. Like all of our partnerships, we believe this is one that will help many of our clients across numerous industries.

This blog post will give you an overview of their product offerings and how they can benefit you.

How Advantech Can Help You Improve Operational Efficiency And Profitability with IIoT

Advantech’s solutions help connect numerous industries. Here is a look below:

  • iFactory and Industrial Equipment Manufacturing

 Advantech’s factory IoT solutions help factories in three key areas: real-time management (data gets collected, analyzed and visualized without any downtime), production optimization (helping factories achieve a truly paperless factory) and data-driven decision making (resulting in more informed decision making).

As you can see below, Advantech’s solutions have resulted in numerous increases in production value per employee. They have resulted in increases in energy utilization rate and decreases in delivery cycle time and product defect rate:

iiot solutions

Advantech’s iFactory solutions cross a lot of lines and include integrated factory cloud solutions, overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) solutions and factory energy management solutions. They also extend to food and beverage solutions and assembly line iworkstation solutions.

Advantech’s solutions also extend to industrial equipment manufacturing. Solutions for this category include remote control and video capture, protocol gateways, predictive maintenance, industrial connectivity and edge computing to name a few.

  • Intelligent Transportation Systems

 When it comes to the transportation sector, Advantech’s mission is to enable intelligent transportation systems. Their broader vision includes creating and delivering smart city technologies. Their products support both railway and roadway applications.

Railway solutions include passenger information systems, CCTV-in-train surveillance systems and vehicle monitoring systems while their roadway solutions include various on-road applications, including advanced traffic management, tunnel and bridge management, transport hub solutions and more.

As for what some of these solutions look like in practice, some countries are using intelligent IoT solutions to monitor real-time local conditions. This includes air quality, road traffic and video surveillance data as one such example.

If you are interested in the idea of smart cities and/or smart communities, here is how Nova Communications helped Lunenburg, Nova Scotia become a “Smart Community.”

  • iLogistics

 Advantech’s solutions for the logistics industry are all about improving accuracy, efficiency and delivering cost savings.

From digital logistics and fleet management (including long haul fleet management), eBus 2.0, smart port management and cold chain management, Advantech has a long list of solutions for the logistics industry.

Here is a look at some of their numbers:


Their warehouse management solution, for instance, is all about streamlining business processes. With deadlines, error-free stock management and high order volumes pressing upon all warehouses, Advantech understands the importance of streamlining practices.

And their rugged tablet, which delivers the reliability of a VMT with the portability of a tablet, accomplishes this. This product is a next-generation detachable VMT that offers the portability of a tablet while still being rugged like industrial VMTs.

And like all of the examples above, this is only the beginning when it comes to Advantech’s solutions and product offerings.

  • iHealthcare

Advantech’s healthcare solutions are designed to help hospitals create patient-centered healthcare environments via “Smart Hospitals.”

With over a decade in the industry, Advantech has emerged as a leader in the global healthcare market.

From point-of-care computing to integrated operating rooms to intelligent wards, closed-loop medication administration and telehealth applications, Advantech’s healthcare solutions are about improving patient outcomes.

One hospital, for instance, used Advantech’s solutions to streamline their operating room workflows in an effort to increase both efficiency and care. In a time when surgeons are embracing new operating techniques and complex instrument systems, there is a strong need for such a solution.

Advantech’s product solutions also extend to intelligent power systems, OR video management and medical monitors to name a few.

  • iRetail and iHospitality

Just like the examples above, Advantech offers intelligent retail and hospitality solutions to optimize operations.

Their cloud platform, Ushop+, for instance, analyzes data to help retailer optimize their sales strategies, daily operations and store management across various branches. As for another example, their store traffic analytic solution can optimize operational efficiency.

A popular restaurant chain facing long lines implemented Advantech’s AIM-37 tablet to enable mobile table-based service and rapid payment. This resulted in reduced customer wait times, improved customer satisfaction, real-time order management and data transmissions and increased efficiency overall with mobile payments.

  • First Responders

 Advantech’s solutions also extend to first responders, from police officers to firefighters to paramedics. All first responders rely on wireless communication. Paramedics, for instance, need access to medical history and patient data.

The problem with traditional communication is twofold: limited bandwidth and the inability to integrate with other systems.

The result? Decreased decision making.

However, Advantech offers a solution. Their industrial LTE (cellular) routers offer reliable, high-bandwidth, wireless data communication anywhere there is cellular service. However, LTE routers can provide mobility as well.

Advantech: Global Leaders in IIoT Solutions

With 35+ years in the industry, Advantech has emerged as a global leader in IoT intelligent systems. In fact, their Industrial Internet of Things group is recognized as the leading manufacturer of intelligent automation technology and is continually listed as one of the 50 top global automation suppliers.

Advantech, like all of our partnerships, is industry-proven.

Wrapping It Up

Our team here at Nova Communications is continually forging new partnerships to expand our capabilities, innovate by way of bringing in new technology and ultimately better help our clients with the problems they’re facing.

That’s exactly why we’ve partnered with Advantech.

If you are looking to optimize operations and improve profitability, embracing IIoT will be key.

Looking for best-in-class IIoT solutions? With 35 years in the industry, Nova Communications is home to the best wireless experts in the industry. Call us 24/7 at 1-(877)-721-7070 or contact us online here.

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