Walkie Talkie Radios – What Canadian Business Needs to Know

In business, it’s important to have technology that makes your job easier. Whether your goal is driving efficiency, safety or customer service, the walkie talkie has long been a successful driver in connecting teams for Canadian companies across a number of industries.

A number of walkie talkies you find in stores, however, claim to be more durable, and offer better range than they really do. We get the calls all the time from companies having the same complaint about lower price retail radios:

  • The radios are not holding up with work conditions
  • The range is much less than advertised
  • We’re hearing other people and companies on our channels and it’s a safety issue
  • My radio battery doesn’t last a full day

There’s a few things common big box Canadian retailers aren’t telling you when they’re selling you that walkie talkie. Here at Nova Communications, we know the value of having the right walkie talkie for your team, and the benefit of spending often a little bit more to get better team communication.

Here’s what that extra money gets you:


Spending a bit more money on your walkie talkie means it can withstand what you put it through – bumps, bruises, drops, vibrations and even shocks. Motorola commercial walkie talkies are built with Canadian industries in mind, and put through rigorous tests to ensure that if and when that technology gets dropped, it is just a matter of picking it up and carrying on with your work day. Additionally, walkie talkies from Nova have a number of waterproof and dust proof options that can live up to your expectations.

Better Range

A number of store bought walkie talkies claim they have coverage of 30 miles. Sure, that might be in ideal scenarios (no hills, buildings, or other form of obstruction), but how many workplaces can say those are the conditions they work in? Digital walkie talkies are known to provide better range than any other walkie talkie options. In Canadian industries, whether rural or urban, you want something that can connect your team in every corner of the office, floor or work yard. The store bought option will not meet that need.

Analog and Digital Options

This reason alone is a reason to buy your walkie talkie from Nova Communications. A number of the radio options we sell have either digital capabilities, or the option to switch between analog and digital – depending on your needs. Digital walkie talkies have taken over the market in recent years, due to their increased clarity, battery life, range and more. FRS walkie talkies (the ones sold in big box stores) do not have digital capabilities, and a number of those features are lost as a result. Have an older analog two way radio? We can pair those together with newer analog / digital walkie talkies for your use!

Battery Life 

This is where the benefit of digital walkie talkies comes into play. With the right radio and battery combination, some batteries can last as much as 29 hours between charges. One less thing for your team members to think about, and certainly better than FRS walkie talkies.


Digital walkie talkies have come a long way since the days of analog radios used in Canadian industries in the past. With the switch, noisy work environment are no longer a issue, and messages get through the first time.


Whether it’s an office environment, plant floor or transport truck, you need to know your team is safe, and the best way in knowing that is communication. There is nothing more frustrating than trying to reach a team member who isn’t answering your call, and even more so in those ‘in case of emergency’ situations. Walkie talkies from Nova have a number of safety features that enable your team to be kept safe – including Man Down and Lone Worker options on certain radios.


It’s rare to find store bought walkie talkies that come with accessories, and certainly not high calibre accessories that can live up to Canadian industry expectations. Whether it’s spare batteries, earpieces, speaker mics or more, we have everything you need to ensure your team can get through its work day

Yes, there is a chance companies in Canada have found FRS style walkie talkies that have worked for their business – but they don’t answer the call every time, and they certainly don’t have the features we mention above. If you’re looking for a reliable communication tool that can fulfill your needs, then the answer is commercial grade walkie talkies from Nova.

Nova Communications has been in the Canadian walkie talkie / two way radio business for more than 30 years. We have worked with industries and companies just like yours across Canada from coast-to-coast to solve communications issues. Can a member of our team of experts help you? Contact us today! If you want to start by figuring out your best walkie talkie option, try the Radio Selector below and get some options in just two minutes.

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