VHF Radios for Canadian Construction, Transportation and Agriculture Businesses

VHF radios in Canada are a common resource for communication throughout the country – and for many reasons. VHF radios are built for outdoor and rural settings, and are ideal as a result for a number of Canadian industries. They rely on VHF frequencies because they are best for working in environments where signal on cell phones, for example, are not at an optimum.

So what is the best VHF radio for your needs? Well, it depends on your industry, but let’s take a look at some key users of VHF radios in Canada. From this, we will recommend both a portable and mobile two way radio for your needs:

Construction Radios

The Canadian construction industry is tough. Not only are teams putting in long days, but work doesn’t stop when weather is a factor, environments are loud, and construction radio users are tough on equipment (as are most industries). You need a two way radio that can live up to those expectations from this tough Canadian industry, and more. Here’s our recommendations.

Motorola XPR7550e – Built for some of the toughest Canadian industries, this XPR7550e is ready for whatever a construction site can throw at it. With noise reduction capabilities built into the radio, along with up to 29 hours of battery life and full waterproof and dustproof ratings, you know you can rely on this radio to help get the job done, and keep your teams in touch.

Motorola XPR5350e – Designed for Canadian users on the move, this vehicle-mounted VHF radio is ready for you. Built for rugged environments like construction, with a focus on keeping your teams safe and productive. With Bluetooth capabilities, you can communicate on this two way without wires, preventing tangles and hold ups on the job.

Transportation Radios

A lot of employees of the transportation industry in Canada are doing work outside of urban areas, which is the best option for VHF radios in Canada. The need for communication, however, doesn’t change with teams on the move, and this is where two way radios come in. With long days on the job in noisy environments, VHF radios can meet the needs for communication – keeping teams safe and efficient throughout a shift.

Motorola XPR3500e – If you’re looking for a full range of channels and features, this is a great radio for your transportation needs. Not only is it waterproof, it comes with a two year warranty, 40% better battery life than other models (up to 19 hours) and automatic noise reduction for those windy days around other loud vehicles. A win-win answer for us.

Motorola XPR5550e – With a focus on distracted driving laws in Canada, you may want to consider a mobile, vehicle-mounted VHF radio for your communication. The XPR5550e is an upgraded digital radio that can answer the call, while keeping your team safe.  With the ability to have up to 1000 channels, this radio is perfect for transportation companies that are working on logging or oil roads.

Agriculture Radios 

From sun up to sun down, large and small farms are in production throughout Canada, and teams must remain in contact with each other to run their day effectively. Cell phones, while effective in a lot of ways, don’t always fit the needs of agriculture, due to signal issues and durability (admittedly, the agriculture industry is also hard on their equipment). Here’s our suggestion for two way radios, which both answer the call for durability, along with battery life that can last throughout those long days:

Motorola CP200D – This is one of Motorola’s best-selling two way radios – and for good reason. Not only is it durable and reliable, but it’s also easy to use, and hits the needs of various Canadian industries. Another bonus feature – if you’re not ready to upgrade to digital, the CP200D has an option to upgrade to digital in the future….so when your time is right, you can make the digital transition. Excellent durability and a proven track record, makes the Motorola CP200D a winner.

Motorola CM200D – If you’re looking for a vehicle mounted VHF radio, then the CM200D is a perfect solution for Canadian agriculture. Both compact and durable for use in whatever machine you’re using.  This radio, similar to the CP200D can be upgraded to digital when your system is ready.  With an IP54 rating, it’s dust proof and protected against splashes of water and moisture.

Keep in mind, these are just a sample of some of the two way radio options available. With more than 30 years in the two way radio business, Nova Communications has the experience and expertise to help your team figure out the best VHF radio, or two way radios in other frequencies, for your needs.

If you’re working in more urban settings, VHF radios may not be your best option. UHF two way radios are often a better resource for urban environments, as they’re built to penetrate buildings better, providing efficient communication.

Want to find out what the best VHF radio is for your use? Start with the Portable Radio Selection guide below to narrow down the top options for you in just two minutes. Or contact one of our two way radio experts today.

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