VHF Radios for Construction Benefits Canadian Companies

The Canadian construction industry is extensive, with many contractors each with their own specialties. At the forefront of a good construction site is the need for safety, especially as safety regulations become more stringent.

Two way radios have long been the communication tool used by Canadian construction companies for safety and more. VHF radios are the go-to tool for construction companies for reliable coverage and communication among their team.

While the technology is best suited for Canadian rural environments, VHF radios give users excellent signal strength and range that enable teams to stay in touch, driving efficiency, safety and productivity in Canadian industries.

Let’s take a look:

Western Locations (Alberta and British Columbia) – Outside of city centres, there are a number of rural (or even remote) locations undergoing construction in the west. Whether it’s forestry, oil and gas or road construction, VHF radios are built for these working conditions. With employees often spread throughout large areas, a reliable communication tool is necessary, and VHF radios answer that need.

Within the VHF radio frequency, there are also LADD channels and road channels for transportation related companies. Both help with keeping those on the move in contact, especially in rural environments, to ensure safety is top of mind.

The LADD channel frequencies:

LD-1 151.700

LD-2 151.745

LD-3 151.790

LD-4 151.805

LD-5 151.850

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Rural Ontario – There are some fairy isolated areas of this province, especially to its west and north, but just because they are remote, doesn’t mean construction companies don’t require communication. With the Trans Canada Highway passing through a lot of these areas, there is often a need for repairs along the roadways. Add on top of that larger construction projects, there are many teams who are working in isolated areas that need to keep in touch.  VHF radios range can vary, but as a good estimate portable handheld radios offer one to two kilometres of range, while mobile VHF truck radios generally offer about 10 to 15 kilometres of range without a repeater.

Eastern Canada (Nova Scotia, PEI, New Brunswick and Newfoundland) – A lot of the construction happening in these areas requires VHF radios, because it’s often happening outside of urban centres. The eastern part of Canada has a number of less populated areas that would do better with VHF radios in construction.

Firstly, they’re built to stand up to the tough days that construction work can throw at it. Other factors include:

  • Rugged / Durable – Equipment gets dropped on construction sites – that’s inevitable. With VHF radios by Motorola, be sure that whether your radio is dropped, shocked or vibrated, you can pick it up and carry on with your day.
  • Long Days – With some VHF radios offering battery life of up to 29 hours. So why worry about long days or re-charging your radio every few hours?
  • Exposure to Canadian Weather – Whether it’s snow, sleet, rain or hail, VHF radios are built for construction sites working through Canadian weather. With up to an IP68 rating (making it completely dust proof and waterproof) you know you’ve got something to rely on.
  • Noise – You know the noise on construction sites, and VHF radios do, too. With the latest technology, background noise is automatically reduced to allow you to hear the message come through the first time.
  • Safety – From Lone Worker to Man Down, a number of newer VHF radios with digital capabilities focus on safety. These emergency features help your team if they need it.

Keep in mind, VHF radios aren’t the only option for your needs, depending on your environment. For those Canadian construction companies that work in and around buildings or plants, UHF radios are a better solution, as they’re built to penetrate walls and obstructions better.

Nova Communications has been in the two way radio business for 35 years in 2017, and have seen how the technology has changed for Canadian businesses in construction and beyond. With our team of two way radio experts we can help you find the perfect radio option for your needs – whether it’s VHF radios, or any other frequencies.

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