Using Up Your Annual Budget? 4 Reasons to Choose Two Way Radios

Whatever time of year your business transitions from one fiscal to another – whether it’s April, January or anywhere in between, it’s important to consider any technology you may need to make it your most productive year yet.

For many industries and organizations in Canada, spring, summer and fall is the busier time, and the time to start thinking about equipment and tools you need to excel. Not surprisingly, it’s also when companies and government branches start doing research to use up annual budgets. Well, have we got an idea for you!

In the majority of industries across Canada, companies have benefited from two way radio communication. If your goal is to increase efficiency and productivity, drive customer service and safety, then two way radios could be an easy solution for your team.

Options with your year-end budget include:

  • Two Way Radio Upgrades
  1. Analog to Digital – Those who have made the switch to digital two way radio technology have never looked back – and there is good reason why. Like any technology in the past that has made the switch to digital, there are benefits to the switch with two way radios. They include better clarity, better coverage and range, and higher levels of durability (up to IP68, which means some options are fully submersible for two hours in water, and completely dust proof). Add on top of this, better audio for noisy environments – including some radios that feature noise canceling features – and up to 29 hours of battery life, and digital is a good solution for many.
  2. Bigger or Newer Fleets of Technology – Maybe your team has expanded, or you think it would be worthwhile to upgrade your technology to new options. Whatever the case, as technology advances and demands evolve, it’s nice to consider newer technology. Motorola has released some new models of digital two way radios, for example. Here at Nova Communications we have great options for your team for trade-ins when you’re ready to upgrade.
  • Look at Wide Area Networks for Better Coverage – For those with digital two way radios that are looking for better coverage, it may be worthwhile to consider wide area network coverage. Companies like Nova Communications offer these services to businesses who want better range opportunities for their two way radios. Our 4D network, for example, offers full coverage from Halifax to Moncton and between – allowing constant communications for those on the move, at a reasonable price. Investing in this could make the difference you need with your two way radio communication.


  • Purchase Two Way Radios for Your Team – If you haven’t used two way radios before, you don’t know what you’re missing. But when you see the benefits, including up to a 20 per cent decrease in downtime for your employees, you’ll want to buy more! The beauty of two way radios today is there is literally something for everyone. From small, compact options the size of a smartphone, to radios for the toughest users, it’s easy to find an option to compliment your needs. Industries across Canada from oil and gas and public safety to retail, restaurants and other customer service focused industries have seen the benefited of the technology already. In fact, your competitors could be doing the same. So what are you waiting for?
  • Don’t Forget Accessories – A number of industries that use two way radio communication have reaped the benefits of added accessories to bring their use to an optimal level. Popular accessories range from headsets, speaker mics and gang chargers (or six slot chargers) for bigger radio fleets. Having extra batteries on hand is also an added advantage, especially with the long work days a number of Canadian industries put in throughout the year. If you already have two way radios, accessories are a simple and affordable way to amp up your team communication.

Even if now isn’t the time for you to purchase two way radios, it may be worth a discussion to determine if it will compliment your team needs at any point.

Here at Nova Communications, we have more than 30 years in the two way radio business, and have helped thousands of companies across Canada like yours find the right radio for them, in the right budget. Whether you’re looking for two way radios now, or in the future, we want to help you. And don’t forget, Nova also offers two way radio rentals, should that be a better solution for you.

Keep in mind, here at Nova Communications we do more than just two way radios. For everything from wireless networks, cell phone signal boosters, barcode scanners, mobile devices and more, check out our Nova Communications Solutions site.

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