Using Cellular Networks to Enhance Wireless Broadband for Nova Scotians

Nova Communications was recently featured in the Chronicle Herald for assisting Lloyd Cogswell, a resident of Kings County, in his quest for a better Internet connection. After learning of the resident’s plight, Nova Communications installed a system that uses cellular service to pick up wireless Internet. A similar setup could potentially be used to address more clients in areas of Nova Scotia with limited coverage. Read the full story here.

How it Works

By piecing proven technology together, it’s possible to provide clients in weak coverage areas with an Internet connection.

The broadband technology can be installed in residents’ homes based on the cellular network in their area. This involves deploying a wireless modem in the house, and installing a special antenna and booster to get a stronger signal and properly connect to the cellular data network.

Use Cases

This technology is great for those who use the Internet for banking, email and watching the occasional video; however, it is not suitable for users that want to subscribe to Netflix, download movies or do high-end gaming.

Some cellular coverage is necessary, so those in a coverage hole may not be able to benefit from this solution.

For more information and customized advice, contact a wireless communications expert at Nova Communications today. Want to learn more about how Nova can help you? Read more about our contribution to the rural broadband network in Nova Scotia below.

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