Upgrading Your Two Way Radio to Digital

Have you had your Motorola two way radio for more than 10 years? If that’s the case, there’s a likelihood that you’re using an older, analog technology – and it may be time for an upgrade. While the analog systems still work quite well today, the digital technology for two way radios has become the new norm and you may have questions about whether the move to digital is necessary.

Moving from one technology to another may seem daunting. What is important to note is the ability for you to purchase radios that easily convert from analog to digital – making your transition easier than the immediate switch. With digital technology becoming the popular route for radio users, there are often rebates that help with this transition.

There are vast benefits to the use of digital two way radios. Having been in use for around 10 years, there has been time for the radios and the technology within them to really develop and benefit the user. Want to learn more about some of the benefits of a digital two way?

  • Audio Clarity – Clarity in the workplace is very important, especially in noisy environments like manufacturing, warehousing, emergency services, and the like. Having a digital two way radio means there are features for noise cancelling that dulls background noise, and clearer messages come through as a result. This will surely help with efficient and productive workflow.
  • Better Coverage Capabilities – We’ve all used two way radios that, when you’re reaching the end of your coverage area, the radio voice quality starts to become faint. This tends to happen more with analog two way radios, whereas the quality with digital allows the voice to remain clear.
  • Battery Life – The answer here is simple – digital two way radio batteries have a much longer battery life than analog two way radios. And, in a business where you’ve come to rely on the communication from your radio as both a safety and efficiency tool, having a battery that doesn’t last throughout the work day is going to do you no good. Depending on the type, some radio batteries can last upwards of 24 hours.

There are, of course, added benefits to using digital two way radio technology in your workplace. These include signalling options, including man-down and loan worker signals, along with Push-to-Talk ID, which lets you know who you are talking to.

Some things to think about before making the transition include the potential need for new digital repeaters for your systems. You will, however, see a quick transition when you program frequencies because, if you have existing radios, the same frequency can be programmed into your new digital two way radios quite quickly.

Making the move to a new type of technology can be a daunting task, there’s no denying that. But that’s where Nova Communications, and our highly knowledgeable team comes in. We can work with you to understand the needs of your team and the best Motorola two way radio for your business.

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