Unleashing Innovation in Defence: Explore Datron Radios, Peplink Networking, and Generac Generators at CANSEC 2023

The highly anticipated CANSEC 2023 tradeshow is just around the corner, and another sneak preview of the solutions on display at the ROCK Networks booth. Our last blog gave a glimpse of the satellite solutions that will be on display, now we’ll showcase three additional solutions you can find at our booth that have the potential to revolutionize the defence industry. So, join us at CANSEC 2023 and discover the immense benefits of Datron radios, Peplink networking equipment, and Generac generators.

Peplink Networking Equipment

In the era of interconnectedness, Peplink networking equipment revolutionizes network connectivity for defence organizations. With advanced SD-WAN technology, Peplink devices seamlessly combine multiple connections for fast and reliable network access. Furthermore, these solutions establish secure and resilient communication links, even in remote locations. In addition, powerful features like load balancing and VPN bonding optimize data transmission and enable real-time collaboration.

Peplink’s Dome series provides rugged and compact mobile routers, ensuring secure network access on the move for vehicles, aircraft, and maritime vessels. The PDX series offers high-performance routers with extensive VPN capabilities, enhancing secure communications across distributed defence networks. Finally, the MBX series delivers enterprise-grade routers with exceptional reliability and flexibility for robust and scalable deployments.

The HD2 Dome Pro LR (Long Range) is a game-changer in long-distance wireless connectivity, extending wireless coverage and enabling reliable communication over vast distances. From remote field camps to tactical missions, the HD2 Dome Pro LR ensures continuous connectivity for critical defence operations.

Datron Radios

Efficient and secure communication is the backbone of any successful military operation. Datron radios are renowned for their exceptional performance in demanding environments, providing reliable and robust voice and data communication solutions. With their wide range of radio systems, including handheld, vehicular, and base station units, Datron radios enable seamless communication across the battlefield and beyond.

These radios offer advanced encryption and frequency hopping capabilities, ensuring secure and confidential communication channels. Their ruggedized construction and superior durability make them ideal for harsh military environments, including extreme temperatures and rough terrains. Datron radios empower defence organizations with enhanced situational awareness and real-time information exchange, contributing to more effective decision-making and operational success.

Generac Generators

Generac generators are unmatched in their performance and dependability when it comes to powering critical defence operations. These generators provide mission-critical power backup solutions, ensuring uninterrupted operations even in harsh environments. Generac generators establish a robust power infrastructure for military bases, field camps, and mobile command centers with advanced remote monitoring and intelligent load management features. Their ability to deliver consistent power during emergencies and blackouts make Generac generators invaluable for safeguarding critical defence operations.

At CANSEC, you can get an up-close look at the Generac GP3600. With a steady power output of 3,600 running watts and 4,650 starting watts, the GP3600 ensures ample energy for essential field operations. In addition, its durable construction and compact design facilitate easy transportation, making it suitable for both stationary and mobile defence applications.

Equipped with a reliable Generac OHV engine known for longevity and fuel efficiency, the GP3600 can sustain extended run times, guaranteeing a continuous power supply during prolonged missions or emergencies. Additionally,, user-friendly features such as a convenient control panel, integrated fuel gauge, and multiple outlets enhance its usability and versatility.

Additionally, the Generac GP3600 prioritizes safety and compliance, holding certifications from the CSA (Canadian Standards Association) and meeting 49-state emission standards. This guarantees that defence organizations can rely on the generator’s adherence to rigorous safety and environmental regulations.

Visit Us at CANSEC

CANSEC 2023 is the perfect platform for defence industry professionals to witness the transformative potential of Datron radios, Peplink networking equipment, and Generac generators, all brought to you by ROCK Networks. These three products have been meticulously designed and engineered to meet the unique challenges faced by defence organizations worldwide. These solutions empower military units to achieve unparalleled operational efficiency, resilience, and effectiveness by providing reliable power, robust connectivity, and secure communication.

Take advantage of the opportunity to explore these game-changing technologies at ROCK Networks’ booth at CANSEC 2023. Join us and experience the power, connectivity, and communication solutions that can shape the defence industry’s future. Visit ROCK Networks at booths 1729 and 3054, or pre-arrange a meeting at the show.

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