Two Way Radios are the Best Choice for Communicating in Remote Areas

Regardless if it’s the office or hobbies that bring you outside of the city limits, remote areas always make cell reception a challenge. Whether you’re on the job or on a hunting trip, you have to find a reliable alternative for communication. When choosing a portable device to stay in contact while you’re out of cellular range, there are essential features to take into consideration:

Signal Range – This is the most obvious feature, considering if you don’t have reception then whatever device you’re using won’t be all that helpful. Signal strength becomes even more critical during an emergency situation. To eliminate dropped calls and signal dead zones while in a remote area, choose a device that doesn’t have to rely on cell towers for reception.

Emergency Features – While signal range is the most obvious consideration, we consider emergency features the most essential element when choosing a communication solution for remote locations. At the very least, your device should have a dedicated button for emergency alerts that will instantly contact the correct person or group for fast response time, without ever having to dial a number.

Audio Quality – After you have checked the boxes for signal range and emergency features, next on the list is the level of audio quality. If you are operating heavy machinery or competing against harsh winds, you need a device that will cut through the noise and deliver clear communication every time. Communicating during a crisis leaves no room for white noise or asking someone to repeat their message. Choosing a device that doesn’t compromise on audio performance will give you the confidence that your message will be heard no matter what else is going on around you.

Durability – A lot of oil rigs, construction projects, and manufacturing plants operate in remote areas, so any device on-site needs a high level of durability. Even when you’re planning to hit the ski slopes or setting up the tent for a long weekend of camping, Canadian weather always adds a layer of unpredictability to your plans. Choose a device with a high IP rating that shows it has been tested for waterproofing, dust-resistance, shocks, and extreme temperatures.

Battery Life – Overtime on the job or losing track of time in the great outdoors, the battery life of your portable device shouldn’t run out before you’re ready to go home. Choose a device that is powered by a battery designed for long-term usage. Also, consider a device that is easy to change out the batteries just in case you last longer than the charge does.

When it comes to checking all the boxes for reliable communications in remote areas, Motorola digital two way radios always come out on top. We have spent over 30 years working with companies in the most remote parts of Canada, giving us the insights and real-life applications to understand the unique communication needs of each location, terrain, and operation. Out of all the Motorola two way radios available for every type of operation imaginable, there are three that have been ranked the best two way radios for remote areas.

Motorola CP200D
This is the most lightweight device of the top three, making it ideal for users that already have a lot of gear to wear or carry. Being a digital two way radio model means that it operates on a private network, outside of the public cellular networks. This digital network delivers a superior signal strength and doubles the calling capacity of a regular cell tower, so more people can connect in more places and never worry about overloading the network.

This radio gives you military standards of durability and given an IP54 rating for water and dust-resistance in harsh environments. Automatic Gain Control will automatically boost the speaker volume to cut through background noise and deliver clear communications. The CP200D also houses a high-capacity Li-ion battery, boosting usage time by 40% for up to 18 hours of battery life. Transmit Interrupt gives an added layer of safety by stopping current transmissions and clearing all necessary channels when the emergency Push-to-Talk button is pressed, giving priority access to critical communications for fast emergency response.

Motorola XPR3300e
This digital handheld radio adds built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capabilities and is designed using the latest IMPRES energy technology to further extend battery life up to 28 hours. It also features an improved receiver, boosting signal range over longer distances by 8%. Audio quality is enhanced as well with Industrial Noise Cancellation and Intelligent Audio to eliminate background interference, while automatically adjusting speaker volume based on the level of background noise.

The exterior of the XPR3300e is completely dustproof and rated IP67 for waterproofing in three feet of water for up to 30 minutes. This radio can be purchased with HazLoc features as well that are Certified Intrinsically Safe to use in areas where flammable or explosive materials are present. This radio also has a number of additional safety features like Emergency Search Tone for those emergency situations where users might be unable to describe their location. The Emergency Search Tone emits a loud, continuous alarm on the radio so emergency response teams can easily follow the sound until the user is located.

Motorola XPR7000e Series
This series delivers best-in-class ratings for audio, durability, and safety. The XPR7000e series of digital two way radios further enhances Motorola’s Intelligent Audio technology by adding an Acoustic Feedback Suppressor and Microphone Distortion Control. Not only do these radios cancel out background noise, they recognize distorted audio and adjust transmissions for the most superior clarity in communications.

This series also has options for large, full-colour screen displays with icons and easy-to-use navigation buttons for simplified work-order ticketing and text messaging capabilities. The Day/Night Mode will adjust your display to the right contrast for the light in your environment. The XPR7000e series also meets the toughest military standards and offers the highest IP68 durability rating for complete dust proofing and waterproofing in six feet of water for up to two hours. This series enhances Motorola’s industry-leading safety features by adding a prominent orange emergency button for faster PTT emergency response, along with an integrated accelerometer that can sense if a user has fallen and will automatically call for emergency assistance.

Our team of Certified Motorola Specialists is here to help answer any questions you have about choosing the best two way radio for your needs in remote areas.

Is your work in remote locations seasonal? Would you like to try two way radios on your next hunting trip? We offer weekly, monthly, and long-term rental plans for most of our digital two way radios as well.

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