Two Way Radio Rentals for Seamless Event and Recreation Management

It’s summertime in Canada and that means tourist season is in full swing and the events are non-stop, keeping cities across the country running at full speed. From planning your local jazz festival to big-ticket concerts, or managing a fully booked golf course, your main goal is to pull everything off without a hitch. In order to run a seamless operation, it takes a high level of team coordination that can only work if you have the proper communication tools in place. When it comes to events and recreation, teams reach for the most trusted tool in communications – two way radios (commonly known as walkie talkies).

We know what you’re thinking, “Aren’t two way radios expensive? Can’t we just use our cell phones?”

Cell phones are a great option for one-to-one communications in a small, quiet area but chances are your team will be spread out and from our experience, events and recreation are typically not quiet activities. As for the expense, in most cases with events and recreation, it actually makes more sense to rent your equipment, saving you the upfront cost of purchasing.

Here are just a few reasons why two way radio rentals for events and recreation are your best option for a flawless team operation:

Only Pay For What You Need
When it comes to seasonal industries or events, it generally doesn’t make sense to purchase equipment that sits around during the off-season. With rentals, you can choose what equipment you need, when you need it. This option also allows you to change out, or add to, the equipment you rent. This really comes in handy if your team size changes or you realize you need specific radios or accessories you didn’t previously consider, for situations like wide-area coverage or waterproofing.

It All Makes Sense
You may be worried that two way radios are just another form of complicated technology but they are designed to make team communications as simple and efficient as possible. You press one button and talk, that’s it. Instead of wasting time dialing a number or conferencing in other team members, you are instantly connected with the person or group you need to speak with in just one click of a button. The ease-of-use is even more valuable when it comes to emergency situations, ensuring response time is fast and efficient.

No Noise
Events and recreation are synonymous with ‘crowds’. With crowds, comes noise. You don’t have time to keep asking for messages to be repeated because you can’t hear your team over the background noise. Many two way radios have built-in technology that filters out background interference so you can hear every message loud and clear. We see your crowd and we raise you automatic noise reduction. Checkmate.

Coverage You Can Count On
Whether your team is spread out in a building, or across the property of an outdoor facility, you need coverage you can rely on so your team doesn’t miss a beat. Two way radios operate on a private network, so you don’t have to worry about dropped calls or dead zones. Different radio models offer different levels of coverage and when you need to change venues or your team is expanding, radio rentals make it easy to select the right model for the coverage you need.

Durability That Doesn’t Quit
At one point or another, someone will drop their radio or the nice weather you planned for takes an unexpected turn. You can trust that your two way radio will continue to perform. Motorola radios, in particular, are best known for their field testing, putting every single radio through a series of endurance tests for drops and harsh weather conditions. No matter the crowd size, weather changes, or environment your team has to contend with, there is a radio to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

For over 30 years, the Nova team has provided our customers with innovative communication solutions. We pair our selection of industry-leading Motorola radios with flexible rental plans for weekly, monthly, and long-term needs. Whether you’re coordinating an annual event or work in seasonal recreation, there is a two way radio model and a rental plan that fits your needs and budget.

For more information on two way radio rentals for recreation and events, visit our Rentals Page or give us a call or try out our free rental calculator.


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