Quick Guide on the Benefits of Two Way Radio for the Mining Industry

The mining industry is demanding and complex. Safety requirements, unstable commodity prices, productivity pressure, increasing costs, and asset write-downs can make it even more challenging. To keep their entire operation connected and safe, companies in the mining sector have long-trusted Motorola digital mobile and portable two way radios.

Mining workers are put to the test every day when it comes to the conditions and physically tasking work required to do their job. Their two way radios also perform under the same stress, making it critical for the devices they use to continue to function in case of a life-threatening situation.

Choosing the right Motorola two way radios, with the right accessories and applications your operation needs isn’t an easy task. It takes hours of research, internal meetings, and on-site testing to be sure that your two way radio investment will deliver a scalable solution to fit the growing needs of your company.

Below is a quick guide of some two way radio features to look for when choosing a device for your mining operation:

Industry Needs:

  • Ensure that audio messages are received and clearly understood
  • Keep workers connected without interruptions or distractions
  • Total reliability in your communications system
  • Efficient and easy-to-use system

Communication Challenges:

  • Ensure the safety of personnel within and outside of the mine
  • Increase productivity and reduce costs
  • Locate and dispatch the appropriate personnel in emergency cases
  • Prevent machine downtime

Two Way Radio Solutions:

  • Intrinsically Safe – The majority of electronic and non-IS two way radios give off electrical sparking and heat emission that can become combustible when exposed to flammable materials. These materials are commonplace in the mining industry and companies are choosing CAS IS Certified two way radios. These radios prevent combustion by keeping their electrical and thermal energy low enough to not produce any sparks.
  • Asset Management – Site Supervisors are choosing to equip their teams with two way radios that feature integrated GPS for indoor/outdoor location tracking. This means mobile work teams can be instantly located without the need to purchase, install, or maintain additional equipment.
  • Enhanced Safety – The dangerous nature of the mining industry enforces strict safety regulations. Companies are choosing two way radios with advanced built-in features to keep the safety of their team a top priority. Companies choose two way radios with prominent, one-touch emergency buttons backed by safety applications like Transmit Interrupt, Lone Worker, and Man Down. Teams are staying safe with two way radio applications like these that will automatically clear call channels to alert emergency response when a user has fallen or is unresponsive.
  • Industrial Noise Cancellation – Intelligent Audio technology enables the volume of the radio to automatically be set to compensate for background noise to ensure users won’t miss any calls, even in noisy environments. The function of improved background volume suppression helps to filter out unwanted noise from interference, like heavy machinery.
  • Hearing Protection – Mining is one of the leading industries with the highest percentage of hearing loss among workers. Noise levels above an 80 to 90% decibel range over an eight-hour workday are considered hazardous to hearing health. Mining workers are pairing their portable and mobile two way radios with industrial headsets to help prevent hearing loss on the job. For added safety, companies are choosing headsets with integrated Bluetooth for wireless communication, so their teams can keep their hands and focus on the operation.

To get a full list of the top two way radios for mining, download our free one-page guide below.

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Nova Communications has been working with companies in the mining sector across Canada for over 30 years. We are Canada’s number one online Motorola two way radio dealer and the largest communications systems integrator in Atlantic Canada. Our team of Certified Motorola Specialists is here to help answer any questions you have about choosing the best mining two way radio for your business.

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