Two Way Radio Feature Protects Those Working Alone

Whether you think about it a lot or not, each and every one of us worries about safety. The safety of our loved ones, and those closest to us, along with the safety of those we work with on a daily basis. As a supervisor or manager in business, it’s your job to think about safety even more – and the process of keeping your team safe consumes your thoughts regularly.

In the vast number of workplaces, employees do not work in the same area all the time – or around other co-workers. It’s in these situations that extra safety precautions must be made to ensure that, if these employees need to be contacted, they can be.

A number of Canadian provinces have adopted regulations for working alone, or in isolation. A failure to comply with these regulations can result in everything from increased WCB premiums, fines, legal action and even, in some cases, criminal charges.

Often times, these provinces require a procedure for checking the well-being of employees assigned to work alone or in isolation on a work site. If you are a two way radio user, and depending on your model, there is an easy solution.

Motorola, for example, offers the Lone Worker prompt within a number of its two way radios. If an employee with a two way radio shows no signs of activity within a period of time, the radio will initiate an emergency call to whoever is deemed as the contact. The two way radio will also start sending out audible and visual beams for tracking employees down.

The wonderful thing about this feature is you, the supervisor, can determine the designated amount of time before a signal is sent out – so it’s not an alarm that must go off every five minutes.

Radios that feature the Lone Worker software include:

The Lone Worker feature is just one of the options with Motorola two way radios that will increase safety in your workplace. With the latest in two way radio technology, other features such as Intelligent Audio, which automatically adjusts the background noise, ensures messages are relayed appropriately the first time. In addition, better range to reach all corners of your site, and better durability, ensure no matter what you do with your radio – whether it’s dropping, vibrating or immersing it in water – you can pick it up, push a button and reach your team.

Two way radios have been proven to increase productivity and efficiency in the workplace. Knowing you can rely on this technology to increase safety of your team provides supervisors with the peace of mind in knowing their team is safe at all corners of the work site.

Does your two way radio have the Lone Worker feature? How could it benefit your team if it did? With more than 35 years in the business, Nova Communications can help you determine whether this software, or others, would increase the safety of your team in the field.

Our team of two way radio experts is available to answer your questions now, or in the future. So contact us today or start with the Portable Radio Selection Guide below!

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