Two Way Radio Communications Inspired Twitter

You’re probably asking yourself how can a technology like two way radio communication, which has been around for over 80 years, inspire the one of the most popular social media websites – Twitter. It’s true!

Twitter is based around the short, 140 character message, had its roots with the instant two way radio communications that emergency services personnel use to communicate quickly and clearly.

As a young boy in St. Louis, MissouriJack Dorsey (one of the founders and current CEO of Twitter) liked to listen to emergency services two way radio communications coming from the Emergency Dispatch Center. As was highlighted in the recent interview with Jack on 60 minutes, he was intrigued by learning how things work in the real world and translating that into the virtual world of the internet.

How did two way radio communications inspire Twitter?

As Jack was listening to the two way radio communications of the emergency services, he was struck by the fact that everyone talked in short, clear communications. Often, the radio communications would be in code, but would give a very clear, instant, picture of the incident they were responding to. 10-4 (Everything is OK in radio communications). As Jack explains in the interview above, “They’re always talking about where they’re going, what they’re doing, where they currently are, and that is where the idea for Twitter came.”

Jack goes on to explain “Now we all have these cell phones, we had text messaging, and suddenly we could update where I was, what I’m doing, where I’m going, how I feel, and then it would go out to the entire world.”

What’s next for the man that made two way radio communications part of the virtual world?

Jack Dorsey now has his vision set on his new venture Square Inc. Square takes credit card payments anywhere wirelessly with your iPhone, iPad, or Android device. Jack has always been a visionary in how wireless technology can benefit our day-to-day life. His next goal is to become mayor of New York City. We’re sure that if this comes true, New York, with Jack’s vision, will be a leader in the wireless smart city of the future.

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