Two-Way Radio Accessories

Supercharge your two-way radio usage and experience

Whether it is a noise-cancelling speaker microphone for clear audio, a heavy-duty headset for the ultimate in hearing protection, 6-bank gang charger for easier radio management and inventory, or Motorola’s industry leading IMPRES battery technology, our two-way radio accessory experts can help you get the job done and improve your radio’s capabilities.

Are your two-way radios constantly being dropped? Try a speaker microphone or earpiece and keep the radio on your waist. If you prefer wireless accessories, check out our range of Bluetooth two-way radio accessories

We also carry a wide range of two-way radio accessories from leading manufactures Motorola, Impact Accessories, Peltor, and David Clark.

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Motorola HNN9009 - 1900 mAh HT Series Battery
Best Seller

If you're looking for spare batteries for your HT series radios, this is a great high capacity product for just that - with up to 10 hours of power for longer work days! This HNN9009 1900mAh battery will work with the HT750 and HT1250 radios, and is incredibly functional and durable for all types of workplaces.

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Motorola HMN9022 - Medium Weight Dual Muff Headset
Best Seller

A comfortable headset for throughout the work day, this medium weight, behind-the-head headset can be worn with a hard hat in those rugged work environments, and has excellent hearing protection for noisy workplaces with a Noise Reduction Rating of 24dB. Looking for high clarity sound and clear, consistent two way radio communication? Compatible with the HT1250.

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RMN5052 - Compact Microphone
Best Seller

Motorola RMN5052 - If you're looking for an added accessory for two way radio communication, this standard compact speaker mic may be the answer to your call. Both lightweight and easy to hold for easy communication, this accessory features a basic push-to-talk functionality. Compatible with XPR5000 and DM series of mobile two way radios by Motorola.

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Motorola NAD6502 - VHF Heliflex Antenna
Best Seller

Whether you need a replacement antenna or a spare part for your two way radio, this 7-inch heliflex antenna could be the answer for you. The antenna has a unique, one-piece finish, steel core and spiral wound conductor for optimal radiation characteristics, coverage and range.

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RAD4218 - Combination GPS/VHF, 3db gain Through Hole Mount Antenna (146-172 MHz)
Best Seller

Motorola RAD4218 - If you're looking for GPS tracking coverage and voice/data wireless capabilities for your fleet monitoring or tracking applications, this through-hole mount 146-172 MHz 1/4 wave antenna has combined VHF and GPS capability, and is a perfect solution. Features a combination design with MINI U connector and is built for VHF. Compatible with DGM4100, DGM5000, DGM6100, DGM8000, PM1500, XPR4000, XPR5000, XTL1500, XTL2500 and XTL5000 series of two way radios.

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