Portable Antennas

The most important component on any two-way radio is the antenna. If your portable radio antenna is damaged, bent, or even missing, you should replace it immediately to prevent damaging your radio further (and saving on costly repair bills with it). At ROCK Networks, we have a wide assortment of portable radio antennas for all radio models. If you are not sure what model will fit your radio or need more information on radios and antennas in general, contact our team of experts today.

Best Sellers: Portable Antennas

Motorola 8505241U11 Flexible Whip Antenna (764-870 MHz)

Looking for a spare part for your two way radio, or a replacement antenna? This 7-inch flexible whip antenna could be the answer for you. The antenna has a solid core for optimal radiation characteristics and better range and coverage capabilities. Durable, like you've come to expect from your Motorola products.

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RAN4033 - UHF Stubby Antenna (450-470 MHz)
Best Seller

Motorola RAN4033 - If you're looking for a non-obtrusive accessory that will make wearing your two way radio throughout the day that much easier, than the stubby antenna is a great accessory to consider. This UHF stubby antenna for 450-470MHz frequencies is built for maximum flexibility in your radio use. A great replacement part or spare accessory