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RLN5391 - Desktop Tray

Motorola RLN5391 - Convert your mobile two way radio into a basic base station. Ideal for basic dispatch and transportation, along with anyone who wants to use a mobile two way radio in an office environment. Compatible with CM200D and CM300D mobile two way radios.
6686119B01 - Mobile Radio Dismantling Tool

Motorola 6686119B01 - Built for mobile two way radios, this dismantling tool is made to assist with dismantling your mobile when service is required. A quick, easily used tool to make dismantling a breeze. Compatible with the DM Series of mobile two way radios.

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RLN4856 - Footswitch with Remote Push-to-Talk
Best Seller

Motorola RLN4856 - If you're a two way radio user on the go, and want to ensure you're paying more attention to the road than speaking into your radio, this is a great accessory to consider. This foot switch with remote push-to-talk feature allows you to activate the button, mounted to the floor, which would activate a handsfree visor mic. Compatib