Tracking Consumer Behavior Benefits Retailers

Imagine a world where malls and retail stores are able to gauge in real-time what the customer is looking for and the value they are getting from shopping at your facility. Well, the face of retail is changing to just that, and Nova Communications is part of the change.

We’ve all been in retail environments where, when we enter a store, someone clicks a tally counter adding us to the number of patrons that have come through in a given timeframe.

Like most things, there is now a technology to gauge those numbers – and take them further. Nova Communications has partnered with Sysorex and its Air Patrol for Retail Properties systems to implement a pilot project with a major Canadian mall owner to track consumer behaviors in retail environments.

So how does it work?

Sensors are placed in the facility, which pick up Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and cellular signals from mobile devices used by shoppers. These sensors assess the environment every six seconds, providing consumer behavior details as to where shoppers are spending their time, money and the top businesses in the mall, for example. Thus, the consumer behavior details are generated.

The data collected can narrow down to provide an idea of the number of visitors, whether the customers are transient, shoppers or staff (based on whether that device has been logged before), as well as trends week after week around sales and events.

It’s providing insight to which stores are most popular and which retailers are generating patrons that are also continuing on to other shops.

“It’s understanding a consumer journey with a larger view of ‘How do I engage my customer?’” said Bob Koblovsky of Sysorex in an article in the Toronto Star about the project.

The system can be used for a variety of purposes in the retail setting, including but not limited to measuring the success of marketing campaigns, understanding consumer behaviour, evaluating and determining high-level operating times and as targets for potential future vendors, based on data.

Who Benefits?

Retail owners are focused on leasing their properties and storefronts. This technology enables sound numbers to track the visitors to shops and the behaviors of visitors when they are on site. This optimizes the experience for both the consumers and the retail tenant.

From a safety perspective, the information collected can also narrow down trends in the busiest hours in the retail environment, allowing appropriate measures to be taken when scheduling staff, such as security.

The changes to the retail experience won’t just benefit the mall or retail store owners. Consumers will also reap the benefits as well. As data is collected and behavior further understood, retail settings could have a better grasp of potential promotions catered specifically to the consumer – maximizing the consumer behavior and experience.

In a retail environment, the benefit to the customer is number one. With high levels of competition among retailers, along with online shopping now part of the mix, having details like this partnership can provide ensures a better knowledge of the trends happening in your retail setting – and potential ways to improve them.

No more clicking when someone enters your store or mall – let the technology do it for you!

Nova Communications has the knowledge to help you, the retailer, figure out how this can work and benefit you. Contact us today for more information.

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