Top Motorola Two Way Radios for Universities and Colleges

Throughout its 13 provinces and territories, Canada is home to over 100 universities and colleges. These learning institutions perform more than one-third of Canada’s research and development, and generate over $30 billion in revenue across Canada.

Universities and colleges rely on two way radios to facilitate effective communication for a variety of on-campus and cross-campus purposes, particularly when it comes to maintenance, day-to-day operations, and security.

University and College Communications Demands

Universities and colleges have unique requirements when it comes to two way radio communications. Many universities have very large campuses (for example, York University’s campus is over 450 acres). Some universities and colleges even have several campuses in one city. Communication within and between campuses is necessary for many reasons, one of which is security.

95% of Canadian universities offer on-campus residences. This means that staff and students not only spend their days at school, but the university campus is also home to thousands of people. The sheer numbers of people on campus (The University of Toronto has over 71,000 students alone) means that security and safety is of utmost importance.

Two way radios give universities reliable, smooth communication and the dissemination of real-time information across buildings and campuses.

Portable two way radios allows security staff, faculty and emergency responders to stay connected – enhancing safety, strengthening security and ensuring all have constant access to critical information.

Two Way Radio Picks for Universities and Colleges

Motorola DTR650 – Onsite Digital Radio (Small Campus Requirements) 

Designed specifically for small campus locations, the Motorola DTR650 works very well for in-building penetration, and has frequency hopping technology, which makes the DTR650 very private.  Here are some other important features of the DTR650:

  • Operates on 900 MHz ISM Frequency-Hopping Digital Spread Spectrum technology (unique to the device)
  • No license required
  • Quickly configurable
  • Very private and secure communications
  • Minimum battery life of 14 hours
  • Lightweight and portable (7.6oz)
  • Up to 350,000 sq. ft of coverage with extended antenna accessory

Motorola MotoTRBO XPR3300 (non-display) and XPR3500 (display)

These devices combine two way radio functionality with the latest in Motorola MotoTRBO digital technology. Perfect for all University and College requirements, the XPR3300 and XPR3500 offers durability in a light, easy-to-care, design. Ideal in a wide-range of applications including Universities and Colleges, these versatile two way radios:

  • Are able to function in both analog and digital modes to assist with easy migration from Analog to Digital
  • Are compact and lightweight (10.8 oz.)
  • Have up to 40% longer battery life with IMPRES technology
  • Feature audio that automatically and intelligently adjusts to filter background noise
  • Are waterproof and dustproof (IP55 rating)
  • Offer a two-year warranty

Motorola MotoTRBO XPR7550 

Motorola XPR7550 is designed for demanding users in security. The XPR7550 comes standard with Bluetooth functionality for wireless surveillance earpieces. Equipped with a full-colour three line display and emergency button capability, the XPR7550 is ready to work in all emergency situations. The MotoTRBO XPR7550 boasts other useful features including:

  • Large buttons and robust volume and channel knobs for ease of use without having to remove safety gloves
  • Day/night mode to preserve workers’ vision in low light conditions
  • A prominent, one touch emergency call button
  • Intelligent Audio that automatically adjusts volume levels depending on background noise
  • Bluetooth capabilities

As Canada’s local Motorola dealer, Nova Communications has worked extensively with universities and colleges nation-wide, providing them with trusted Motorola two way radios that enhance productivity and safety. Talk to a two way radio expert today, toll free: 1-877-721-7070

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