Top Features of the New BlackBerry KEY2 for Business

Since the late 1990’s, cell phones have gone from being a luxury to a necessity in the business world. With the growing number of people, machines, and devices needed to run a successful operation, businesses are choosing the BlackBerry KEY2 Smartphone for enterprise solutions to maintain full visibility and control of their operation on one device from anywhere.

Not only has BlackBerry been a staple among companies and government organizations for decades, the Android Operating System offers more support for customized business applications. The BlackBerry KEY2 is also Android Enterprise Recommended and remains one of the leading platforms for most enterprise mobile devices like barcode scanners and tablets, making it easier to connect all devices that make up an operation.

Rather than making a huge leap and changing everything about the new BlackBerry, the KEY2 improves upon its predecessor, the KEYone. With updated internals for better performance, enhancements to the camera, and a more advanced keyboard that packs new tricks and the introduction of the first new key in over a decade.

The BlackBerry KEY2 is full of features designed specifically for the business user but here are some of the top features we want to point out:

Full Keyboard – BlackBerry looked at what made the Bold 9900 keyboard so successful with consumers and redesigned a full touch-sensitive keyboard for the KEY2, introducing it as the most intelligent keyboard ever. The 35 keys featured on the matte, backlit keyboard are 20% larger and integrate ergonomic spacing for more comfortable and accurate typing, along with a fingerprint sensor for added security.

All-new Speed Key – BlackBerry launched the Speed Key for the new KEY2 keyboard that offers 52 custom shortcuts for quick access to apps and activities from any screen without returning to the home screen or swiping endlessly to find what you need. Users just press the Speed Key and the letter on the keyboard to select the app or activity assigned to that key. Common shortcuts for business are email, the BlackBerry Hub, and tasks.

Durable Framework – Weighing less than half a pound, the exterior of the KEY2 was designed to withstand impact using an aluminum alloy frame and a damage-resistant 4.5” Corning Gorilla Glass screen. The back of the phone is textured for a non-slip grip to reduce drops and make one-handed communications even easier.

Battery Life – The KEY2 extends battery life beyond the capabilities of its impressive processor by using a large lithium ion battery that lasts up to two days on a single charge. When you do need to power up, QuickCharge 3.0 technology enables a 50% charge in a little over half an hour. The Smart Battery Experience offered with the KEY2 tracks usage and charging habits and will make suggestions for how to save on battery life and when to charge so you’re never left empty when you need your phone the most.

Security – When it comes to protecting sensitive business data, BlackBerry’s industry-leading security software has been the trusted choice for companies and government organizations around the world. The KEY2 is referred to as the most secure Android Smartphone, with enhanced security and privacy features built-in.

  • DTEK – A security monitoring app that tracks and displays the overall security rating for the device. At a glance, you will know what information your apps have accessed from your microphone, camera, location, and personal information. DTEK will send you notifications when security issues are identified and make suggestions for taking action to improve security.
  • Private Locker – In addition to the ability to hide files and photos in a secure space, Private Locker includes Mozilla’s Firefox Browser, which blocks web trackers and automatically erases browser history. This app also features the capability to hide individual apps that you want safeguarded behind a password or fingerprint.
  • Privacy Shade and Redactor – Privacy Shade prevents people around you from seeing your screen by blocking out everything except for a small view area that you control, while still letting you interact with the full screen. With Redactor, you can hide private information from your screen before you share documents.

BlackBerry Hub – The KEY2 provides a multitude of options that focus on increasing productivity, but the BlackBerry Hub is the most heavily used in business settings. This app consolidates all notifications and messages into one area, so users can view and manage multiple email accounts, calendars, messages, contacts, and more, all from one screen without jumping in between apps.

It’s no question why the BlackBerry KEY2 is the leading choice in smartphones for business. Nova Communications has a long-standing partnership with Bell Mobility, specializing in both cellular and public safety networks. This focus means we understand the devices, rate plans, and issues that are relevant to corporate customers. Contact our team of specialists today to find out how the BlackBerry KEY2 fits into your operation. Want more information on this or other wireless products, click here and contact us.

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