Top Seven Kinds of People that Rent Satellite Phones – And Why

If you are looking to purchase or rent a satellite phone, you may be wondering what kind to get and what you will be able to do once you get it. Today we are going to look at the “what you can do with it” side of the equation by looking at the top people that rent satellite phones and why they choose to do so.

1. Remote mining and drilling operations. Sometimes, there is no cell phone tower in sight but you need to stay in constant communication. In that case, a satellite phone goes a long way to keeping workers safe wherever they may be and whatever they may be doing. Other forms of communication, such as wired or wireless internet, can be patchy, and satellite communication is a reliable alternative.

2. Emergency responders. Another situation where sat phones come in handy: emergency responders often have to go on search and rescue in areas without cell service, or with intermittent service. Especially when two way radios are insufficient because of distance or geological considerations, a satellite phone can literally be a lifesaver. While such emergencies are unpredictable, emergency responders should keep satellite phones at the ready for when they are needed.

3. Service providers. If the power goes out and cell towers are disabled or overrun, essential services still need to be maintained. Often, utility companies and other providers of essential services will keep satellite phones on hand in order to let workers know where they need to be even when other lines of communication have failed.

4. Ocean-going travelers. There are not a lot of cell phone towers or WiFi hotspots in the ocean, but that does not mean people do not need to stay in touch. If you engage in regular travel on the open seas, keeping a satellite phone on hand is a good idea. If you are going to be out at sea for any length of time, whether for work or play or a mix of the two, a sat phone can keep you connected to the mainland and the rest of the world – providing you with up-to-date weather information as well as a means to stay in touch with friends and family.

5. Recreational hikers. For those taking part in long backcountry hiking trips, sat phones provide a much-needed lifeline to the outside world. Especially while adventuring in areas with severe and unpredictable weather, a satellite phone can help you stay in touch with the latest news and get help in the event of an emergency. Experienced hikers will keep in mind that satellite phones generally need to be used somewhere open, so not inside a cave or a narrow crevice.

6. Frequent international travelers. If you travel a good deal, you know how tricky and expensive it can be to maintain cell phone coverage across borders. Some places do not even have cell phone coverage, or nothing reliable. A satellite phone can be a useful accessory for world travelers who want to stay in touch no matter where they are and no matter how they get there.

7. Survivalists. Finally, as discussed in Forbes, sat phones have recently gained popularity among survivalists – those who like to be prepared in the event of an emergency. Are you the kind of person who stocks up ahead of a big storm? Even if you do not have a shelter per se, if you live alone and you know a storm is coming and your cell service tends to get pretty bad when the weather is bad, you might consider picking up a sat phone rental along with those extra gallons of water, just in case.

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