Top 3M Peltor Accessories for Hearing Protection

Hearing loss accounts for every 1 out of 9 recordable illnesses, making it the most commonly recordable occupational illness in the manufacturing industry. However, manufacturing is one of many industries where workers are exposed to dangerously high noise levels. On a daily basis, those in the Transportation, Warehousing, Construction, and Oil & Gas industries are all exposed to environments that generate more noise levels than our ears can handle, which is why it so important to be well-equipped with the right hearing protection.

3M Peltor, a leader in hearing protection and communication solutions, provides protective wear for all industries, whether it be HearPlugs for listen-only communication, headsets for two way communication, or protective headsets designed for use on airport tarmacs. Peltor’s accessories for hearing protection cover a wide range of your safety requirements, here are their top products:

  • MT Series Two Way Headsets

As a top contender in the industrial sector, the MT Series Two Way Headsets are the perfect choice to help you conduct two way communication in noisy areas. With soft foam ear cushions and a deep earcup design, the MT Series Two Way Headsets are both practical and comfortable. Equipped with a noise-canceling boom microphone, an FL5000 Push-to-Talk (PTT) adapter (sold separately), and hard hat, headband, neckband, and intrinsically safe models, these headsets provide hearing protection while remaining versatile across all industries.

  • ORA TAC Headset

These in-ear protective communication headsets are a favourite in the manufacturing industry due to its lightweight and compact design (no ear cups to reduce weight and heat) and ease-of-use. The ORA TAC headset remains comfortable while providing tactical listening via two way radios in high noise areas. With no need for a boom microphone, this headset transmits voice commands over your radio through an in-ear microphone when the PTT buttons are pressed. The lightweight design of the ORA TAC headset can be worn with hard hats, eyewear, and welding helmets so you can communicate without compromising your safety.

  • WS ProTac XP Headset with Bluetooth

Communicating wirelessly and hands-free in noisy areas is now made possible with Peltor™ Bluetooth headsets such as the WS ProTac XP series. Equipped with Bluetooth Wireless Technology, this headset allows you to communicate and stream high-quality stereo sound via your mobile phone or radio. Workers in the manufacturing, mining, and utility industries who are exposed to environments with potentially hazardous noise levels, can benefit from the WS ProTac XP’s digital noise-reduction speech microphone and noise-attenuating headset.


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