Top 3 Reasons to Choose Avtec Dispatch Consoles

The amount of data sent to dispatch centres continues to grow, adding complexity during critical incidents that can be overwhelming. Dispatch centres need to ensure that their communication systems have the right building blocks to provide efficient distribution of data. When dispatchers are called into action, they need a robust console that handles a broad range of vital communications. Avtec has a variety of consoles designed for effective messaging and quick response. Their line of consoles are capable of transmitting radio, telephony, and broadband/LTE technologies, all with excellent audio quality and security. In this blog, we highlight the top three reasons why dispatch centres need Avtec consoles as part of their solution.

1.      Reliability:

Dispatch centres need to ensure that their solution has the best interface and support available. Scout has a NENA interface, as well as a solution for headset sharing and is capable of supporting two radios per device. These dispatch consoles all have built-in redundancies for high stability and a single-code platform for easy scaling. Network connections and advanced radio controls offer 9-1-1 plus radio calls to be made with the same headset establishing a quicker response time.

2.      Protection:

Did you know that most hackers target third-party applications as a point of entry to gain access to a companies’ primary panel? Avtec consoles are designed to safeguard against these threats, keeping your system secure and reliable. Mitigate the risk of network attacks through Motorola APX integration and functions that obtain user IDs quickly, handle emergencies and allow channel change.

3.      Integration Flexibility & Ease of Use:

Avtec’s Scout consoles, E1, E4, E8 and EX all deliver effortless integration to a broad range of interfaces such as conventional and trunked radios. These models also support APX MOBILES 1500 to 7500 and Push-To-Talk over cellular technologies. For a public safety answering point, it is crucial to always stay alert with additional data services to optimize dispatcher focus. Having a single code platform allows integration of next-generation radio, telephony and PoC for operational continuity. Through Scout, location services can be enabled on MOTOTRBO two-way radios for extra security measures.

Dispatch centres are vital to the safety of its team and the community it services; having a solution that is reliable, secure and can integrate easily with existing technology is crucial to mission-critical operations. Due to the sheer volume of data influx at dispatch centers, having an end-to-end integrated solution for urgent communications is essential.

Avtec dispatch consoles are an important part of our CRTC compliant NG9-1-1 Solution. Download our guide to learn more.

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